Top EHR Software for Small Practices in 2021


If you have a small practice and are considering purchasing EHR software, you would probably believe that the top EHR Software companies in the healthcare business have the most incredible EHR option for you. However, this assessment could be completely incorrect.

More extensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software is usually more expensive and has more complicated functions that are challenging to navigate. The difficulty arises because EHR Software companies create such software for large offices and hospitals to function effectively.

However, you don’t need to worry as EHR Software companies also offer a wide range of efficient, economical, and cost-effective EHR software developed specifically for your small practice.

The Top EHR Software for Small Practices

The EHR Software companies in USA offer top EHR Software for small practices that are efficient, productive, and present top features at an affordable rate. Our complete list of the best EHR software will help you choose one for your small practice. The top EHR Software includes the following in no particular order.

Athenahealth EHR Software

Athenahealth EHR has one of the most easy-to-use interfaces at a budget-friendly rate. Small practices can benefit from athenahealth EHR by using its efficient features. athenahealth offers a web-based EHR software that integrates with a Practice Management System to streamline your workflow. You can access the web-based software at any time from any location.

Athenahealth is also famous for its valuable medical billing services. The software collaborates with certain clearinghouses to improve your revenue cycle management. Other additional services offered by Athenahealth include a patient portal, interoperability, quick documentation, remote access, and the provision of educational apps such as Epocrates.

Athenahealth pricing depends upon the number of features you wish to acquire. The monthly license fee for athenahealth EHR software is $140 per provider. The software also offers a free demo.

DrChrono EHR Software

Small practices can easily benefit from DrChrono EHR software because of its affordability. You can choose to get the EHR software or the whole suite, including Practice Management System, depending upon your requirements and budget.

The DrChrono Practice Management Software allows you to schedule appointments using the calendar feature. You can also view all your daily tasks and other functionalities from a centralized dashboard. DrChrono EHR and Practice Management software are flexible and convenient for clinical, organizational, and financial chores.

DrChrono EHR offers a monthly subscription for $199 per provider. There are no add-on costs or implementation and training fees.

Kareo EHR Software

Users widely praise Kareo EHR, especially those with small or independent setups, because the software delivers efficient features at a low price. The cloud-based EHR Software has several features that are easy to navigate and can help you improve your productivity.

The software offers various features, including a real-time dashboard, a patient portal, customized templates and, an electronic prescription feature. All these features help you improve patient care quality and progress further in your practice.

Kareo EHR pricing starts at $110 per month per provider. There are no setup or implementation fees.

CareCloud EHR Software

CareCloud EHR combines with a Practice Management System and Medical Billing solution to help you clinically, administratively, and financially. Small practitioners can use CareCloud EHR to optimize their clinical tasks and ensure a digital workflow.

The main features offered by CareCloud EHR include pre-built specialty-specific templates, clinical decision support, a dashboard showing complete patient data, and a patient portal to streamline workflow.

Pricing for CareCloud Charts is $279 per provider, with a single pricing plan available for all users.

Practice Fusion

Our next pick is the Practice Fusion EHR Software that is web-based and appropriate for small and independent practices. It includes charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, lab, imaging integration, and other valuable features to help you improve your performance.

Practice Fusion also offers customizable templates that you can tailor to your practice’s workflow. The EHR software is designed to accommodate various specialties, including cardiology, physical therapy, dermatology, internal medicine, and many others.

Practice Fusion EHR pricing starts at $149 per month per provider. This cost includes implementation, training, and customer support available to answer all your EHR software issues.

Which EHR Software Should You Invest in?

The key to determining which EMR software to choose and invest in is to understand which capabilities you require and which you can do without. The review presented above compares and contrasts the best EHR solutions for small practices. You can compare your requirements to a software’s offerings and test out a demo to make your final decision.

We recommend you go for a web-based EHR Software as the vendor hosts and maintains the Cloud-Based EHR Software on a cloud network. Purchasing a cloud-based EHR means you won’t have to acquire or maintain any extra hardware to store all of your data.

Another advantage of cloud-based systems is that server maintenance is taken care of by the provider. You won’t have to spend on data storage or server upkeep. On the other hand, locally hosted servers need you to safeguard the system yourself and pay additional fees to secure data security.

Concluding Thoughts about EHR

Choosing EMR software for small or independent practices that provides a better experience for physicians and patients should be a top consideration. Although EMR software is a significant investment, it can financially pay off well for your medical practice. An efficient EHR Software can help you optimize your current workflow, minimize patient wait times, and improve revenue cycle and care quality.

Before purchasing any EHR Software, we highly suggest you schedule an EHR demo that will enable you to assess all the tools and features of the software practically. You can analyze better whether the software meets all your practice demands or not. The demo will help you make a better decision. All in all, we hope whatever EHR Software you decide to buy enables you to progress clinically, administratively, and financially for your small practice.