Comfort vs. Fashion: What Should Be More Important in Dressing up Clothes for Toddlers


Many of us tend to ignore the fact whether we are comfortable in the outfit or not, we just wear it because well it is fashionable. Whereas for us adults it is okay but for kids, especially toddlers dressing up is a big no-no.

You can wear 8 inches heels and come back home with sore feet but you cannot force your toddler to wear something that they are not comfortable with, it is just going to make them crankier and your evening will be ruined.

Finding fashionable yet comfortable clothes for kids is not hard to do because unlike a few years ago, there are several kids’ clothing brands that offer clothes for boys and girls of all ages from infants to toddlers.

Dressing up for toddlers should include fabrics that are breathable and airy. You should always pick something that allows their skin to breathe or else otherwise your toddler is simply going to develop a certain aversion to clothes in general. So, keep that in mind.

Things to consider when dressing up for toddlers

There are certain things that young mothers like you should always bear in mind while dressing their baby up.

    1. Check the fabric

Do not just look at the design of the cloth and the color of it, also take a look at the fabric quality. According to experts, the best fabrics for toddlers are cotton, silk, and chiffon. These fabrics are light and are very comfortable to wear.

If the fabric is itchy, it will most certainly cause rashes and your baby will not be too happy about it. The point here to keep your baby happy while he looks stylish.

2. Choose clothes for your toddler based on the season

When we adults change our dressing style according to the seasons, you should also change up your baby’s wardrobe as soon as the season changes. For winters buy warm socks, cute little mittens, boots, woolen sweaters, and knitted caps. You can also opt for velvet clothes as they look gorgeous and are also warm.

For the rainy season get those plastic high knee boots, colorful raincoats for your kid, and matching umbrellas! The rains cannot stop your kid from being stylish.

Lastly for the summer season, always opt for clothes that are made of cotton or chiffon, even rayons and viscose are light and comfortable. These fabrics soak up the sweat faster and keep your kid feeling light during those peak summer months.

3. Find the right size for your kid

Yes, kids grow up fast but that does not mean that you are going to buy a shirt for them that is two times larger than them just because they are going to grow into it in another 2-3 years!

Would you like to wear an ill fitted dress or even ill-fitted jeans? Heck no, you will make several round trips to the mall to get the perfect pair that fits you just right.

It is the same for your kid. A dress or shirt that is two times bigger than their size is not going to look good on them. It will look ill-fitted and they will not be fully comfortable in it.

So even though you will have to buy them new clothes frequently you must not make your kids wear larger size clothes.

Why were there fewer kids clothing brands some few years back?

 Fashion designers have always been more focused on developing clothes for men and women. Not much attention was paid to kids or baby fashion but that has now changed. Since a majority of the parents, like you, are willing to splurge some money to make their toddler look the cutest in the whole block!

Previously kids’ clothes only had functional value to parents. The clothes were just meant to keep the baby safe from harsh weather conditions and cover their naked body. Since toddler’s skins tend to be sensitive, the clothes also helped keep their skin safe.

But quite recently, there has been a change in the world of kids fashion. Several brands have cropped up in recent years that tailor specifically to kids. You can pick up clothes from these brands for your toddler.