Do Apple Mac Need Antivirus Software


Apple Mac are usually safer than PC but with the risk of the growing popularity of Mac, apple has to build up their protection. Apple already has inbuilt protection that is X protect. Macs get viruses but apple has lots of protection that should keep them safe. People need antivirus according to the work they do with their systems. Apple has its authorized re-seller that provides huge discounts on various branded Apple items by using OWC promo code 2021.

Built-in Mac Security

It is just to say that there are not many antiviruses for Mac, which is difficult to pick up. It is hard to catch viruses on Mac but it is not impossible.

System integrity protection

System integrity protection is a security technology in OS X EI captain and it is built to help prevent possibly software which is to improve your files and folders on the Mac.

It is makeup to allow the change of some protected parts only by action that is signed by Apple and have special permission to write these files, such as Apple software updates and Apple installers.

System integrity protections contains protection of some parts of the system-:

  • /system
  • /bin
  • /var
  • /sbin
  • /usr
  • Pre-installed apps with OS X

It also helps to stop the software from selecting a start-up disk.

Know if Mac has a virus

Here are some signs which show your Mac is infected with some virus.

  • Gets heat up for no reason.
  • Sometimes it is too fast or too slow.
  • Programs open up which you have not permitted.
  • Web page text starts converting into hyperlinks.
  • Forceful open-up web page.
  • Sometimes Mac

Pros of antivirus in Mac

  • People can have safer browsing with safari.
  • The apps are more secure.
  • Protects the data from hackers and data thieves.
  • Stop transfer of virus from removable device.
  • Keep eye on kids on the web page.

Cons of antivirus in Mac

  • Security risks are present in the system; it will provide a chance to transfer viruses.
  • It has restricted detection techniques with sometimes scan the normal file and detect it as a virus.
  • Not in every antivirus but some may get slow down after having an antivirus.
  • If you are having free antivirus, they do not guarantee complete protection.


We suggest that you should use antivirus in your Mac. If you are a beginner you can use panda or if you are into something advanced so you can also go for McAfee or Bit defender. All antivirus are good in their own way.

Only installing an antivirus is not the solution for your online security, but backed up with a lot of common sense it goes a long way to keep your Mac safe.