4 Great Uses For Digital Signage In Hotels You Can Implement Right Now!


If we sum up the hospitality business, it’s all about providing comfortable and memorable experiences to the visitors and guests. You can’t be predictable about your guests.

They could be arriving after a tiring long journey, or it could be with an entire family vacation or just one person staying for a business trip.

Your hotel needs something that would serve them all and create lasting impressions on your guests. Digital signage can be the perfect tool for your premises as it is attention-grabbing, responsive, and provides real-time updates.

The basic usage of digital signage in hotels  is to provide navigation, weather updates, the latest news, etc. But businesses are coming up with innovative uses of digital signage to extract the best out of them, here are some:

How To Use Digital Signage In Hotels:

1. Welcome Your Guests With Seamless Check-ins

No two guests are the same as they all come with their expectations from your hotel. To fulfill these expectations and make them feel satisfied Digital signage is your go-to.

Place the Digital signage in the hotel  at the reception, where the guests arrive first when they reach the hotel. You can display welcome messages on them and make a customized message for each guest. It will make them feel special.

It happens a lot when the reception gets crowded, and you want the long waiting hours for the guests to be less overwhelming. Digital signage are perfect as they can be visible even in a crowded space. You can display entertaining content on digital signage. There are digital signage that provide contact less check-ins. You can provide that to the guests who don’t like to wait for long.

2. Easy Indoor Navigation

It is very likely that when you have a new guest, your hotel property is completely new to them as this is their first visit. Use digital signage in the hotel to provide them with easy indoor navigation.

It is because they often feel hesitant and embarrassed to ask someone for directions. And you don’t know how long their journey was. Some guests just want to avoid any human contact or start conversations.

All they want is to go to their room and get refreshed. Give them this liberty with digital signage.

3. Display Upcoming Events

Hotels organize many events and parties to keep the guests entertained and make their experiences memorable so that they come back to stay with you.

But when you have so many guests arriving, it is difficult to keep them all informed and encourage them to participate. Digital signage do the job for you.

Display all upcoming events and parties on digital signage in the hotel to keep your guests informed. Not just that, you can also display pictures of past events and parties to encourage the guest to attend.

4. Safety Alarms

When there is a new set of guests every day, and a premise filled with staff members, and a kitchen that runs 24/7, your premise becomes hazardous.

Not just that, when so many people are on your property, you become responsible for each and everyone’s health and safety. Natural calamities are uncalled, so you need something that keeps you prepared.

Many digital signage come with an in-built alarm that gets activated during any calamity. They provide navigation to fire exits, where they can find the fire extinguishers or other steps they can follow to get out of the dangerous situation.

Bonus: Use Digital Signage To Advertise

Digital signage uses can’t be summed up in just four categories, so because you have made it till here. Here is a bonus usage of digital signage in the hotel that comes with monetary benefits for you.

Digital Signage are engaging, and they demand peoples’ attention. Take this as an opportunity and provide good advertising space to the local businesses on the digital signage at your premises. That can be a revenue opportunity for you.

Collaborate with the local businesses near your hotel, display their pictures, brochure, and products on the digital signage. Your guests might be looking for places to visit if they are new to your locality. You will be providing them just the right information that they need for their travel.

Over To You

There is no reason why you should not acquire these benefits for your hotel premises.

We finally reached the end of this blog, where you got to know some effective uses of Digital signage in the hotel to create better experiences for your guests.

Incorporate these uses and make your hotel a perfect second home for your guests.