Different Types Psychology Careers And How To Find One That’s Right For You


Psychology is the study of how the mind works and why we behave as we do. Understanding human behavior and studying how the mind works means that you can build a career helping people of all ages better manage their behaviors and find more joy in their lives.

BA Vs. BS in Psychology

Your choice of earning a Bachelor’s of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science will impact the types of psychology careers you can find without additional schooling.

Those getting a BS in psychology will focus on the sciences and research, while a BA in psychology has a focus on the humanities. Someone earning a BS may focus on brain chemistry and biological factors that impact the mind, while someone with a BA will dig into sociology and anthropology.

An Understanding of Human Behavior

If you have a solid comprehension of why people do what they do, you can put your degree in psychology to work in several different settings. You can also pair psychology with a lot of other training to boost your marketability and earning potential.

A Bachelor’s in psychology can help you find work in

  • law enforcement
  • drug rehab
  • public schools
  • direct psych care

Depending on the field that you want to work in, you may need more training to fully engage in clinical work, such as making diagnosis and managing mental health care.

Pairing Psychology with Other Fields

If you have a degree in psychology but are struggling to find a good-paying career, carefully consider your other interests. Pairing psychology with

  • graphic design could lead to a career in marketing
  • education could get you to work as a school counselor
  • physical health and addiction could create a rewarding career as an addiction counselor
  • public health and service could allow you to move into social services

Your degree in psychology could allow you to get a foot in the door in several different fields while you go for additional training to hone your options and move you into the field you are most interested in.

Getting Your PhD

For those with an interest in the person to person counseling and care, you may need to look for a PhD program. Depending on where you are in life and what your financial needs are, PhD work may be out of reach. This step in your schooling will take a lot of resources and time.

You may find that putting your Bachelor’s to work quickly so you can get established and build a solid financial footing before you start taking courses to earn your Master’s degree, then come back to your PhD work when you have a bit more time to focus.

Learning can be a lifelong process. In fact, those studying psychology will learn quite quickly that lifelong learning keeps your brain healthy as you age.

Choose the psychology program that will suit your interests and skills, preferably from popular sites like Best Psychology Degrees, to finish your Bachelor’s, and consider your career options.