Fictional Characters Kids Can Dress Up for Theme Birthday Parties


You read a book or watch a movie and you instantly start adapting the way the characters talk and walk. This is more frequently seen in kids and is a commonly known intensive behavior. However, theme parties bring this habit to life. They can dress up like any fictional character that they want.

You can get a child dressing up clothes at online stores. Or you can even make them at home. If you are running out of ideas about which fictional character to dress up your kid, you can take some inspiration from here –

Book Characters for Child Dress Up Clothing

If your child is a storybook lover and wanders in the corridors of fictional palaces in their imagination, you can get him or her a costume that is inspired by any book character –

      1. Miss Nelson Is Missing Costume for Mother & Kid 

With this costume idea, you can also channel your inner fantasy to look like a fictional character alongside your kid. This can be the right child dressing up clothes choice for you and your kid. You can be the Viola Swamp and your kid can be Miss Nelson or vice versa.

      2. Wizard of Oz Costumes for the Family

The whole family is invited and needs to dress up? You can all dress up like the Wizard of OZ. All the characters have a unique feature. You can choose any character from Cowardly Lion to Wicked Witch or the Tinman to stand out in the party.

      3. Olivia Costume for the Kid

Cannot find the right child dress up clothing or have to think of a costume at the last moment? Olivia is the right choice for you. You can always dress up your girl in a red dress with a white collar, black belt, vertically black and white striped socks, and black shoes.

     4. Paper Bag Princess Costume for Your Princess

Your little angel loves to dress up like a princess and yet like it quirky? Well, this can be the right costume idea for her. Get a dragon soft toy, a crown, and a princess dress. You can leave the soft toy if you cannot easily get it.

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Cartoon Characters for Child Dressing Up Clothes

Your kid is a cartoon freak? Well, you can dress them up as their favorite cartoon characters. If you cannot find a unique cartoon character, read along –

    1. Disney Frozen Costume for Your Kid

Frozen is a favorite of many kids and adults as well. Not just one but if you choose Frozen, you can dress up like five extraordinarily famous characters. All of them have their uniqueness to carry on with. To give it a funny touch you can dress up your kid as Olaf.

    2. Toy Story Costume Ideas

This is a great idea to choose as the theme of your costume for the theme birthday party. Not just Buzz and Woody but there is a whole bunch of distinctive characters that you can choose from to dress up your child. The amazing background of the characters will win everyone’s heart.

    3. Looney Toons Costume for the Family

Looney Toons is a favorite of many kids out there. There are a variety of characters for you to choose from. You can dress up your son as Bugs Bunny and your girl as Tweety. These costumes can be easily found at any costume store.

    4. Superhero Costume Ideas for Your Kid

Dressing up your kid as superheroes may be common but will surely not get out of style any soon. You can dress up your child as any superhero be it from DC or Marvel universe. You can also choose to dress them up as any of The Teenage Mutant Ninja.

The child dress up clothing can be of great joy for the parents, kids, and the host of the party. You can check with other parents about what character they are dressing up their child as, this will help avoid any clashes with other kids.