Chernobyl tours: find out if the area is ready for the return of people


The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred over 35 years ago. Since then, the 30-kilometer zone around the epicenter of the explosion remains uninhabitable, but how long will this continue.

Chernobyl tours will be a good solution for those who want to visit places left by humanity. An incredible atmosphere reigns here, which is unlike anything you have seen before.

Chernobyl tours: how long will tourists be allowed?

The entire 30-kilometer zone received strong exposure to strontium and cesium, the half-lives of which are 28 and 30 years, respectively. Thus, at the moment the territory is safer than 10 years ago.

In addition, the authorities are constantly taking measures to clean up the area: the asphalt here has the same level of radiation as in Kiev.

At the moment Chernobyl tours safe. Spending all day here, you will receive the same dose of radiation as during a flight in an airplane for 2 hours. As you can see, the background is gradually clearing and the moment will come when people can return to this territory.

Recent studies have shown that a 30-kilometer exclusion zone will be habitable in 50-60 years. By this time, the background radiation should be equal to that prevailing in large metropolitan areas. On this territory, it will be possible not only to live but also to carry out agricultural work.

The 10-kilometer zone, where the destroyed reactor itself is located, will never be suitable for life. It is contaminated with other chemical elements that have a half-life of thousands of years. Being here is still dangerous to human health.

Why is it worth going to Chernobyl tours?

At the moment, the exclusion zone is one of the most famous and popular tourist places in Ukraine. There are many reasons why thousands of people from all over the world come here. Among the most common:

  • Cultural interest;
  • Unusual atmosphere;
  • Huge nature reserve;
  • Radiation gives peace of mind.

Many people who have booked Chernobyl tours from Kiev at least once note that after such an adventure a person experiences incredible peace, there is an opportunity to reconsider their views on life, attitude to ecology.

Tours to Chernobyl lets you see what the world will look like when humanity is gone. Some compare a trip with time travel, others with a parallel universe. It seems as if you have been in a post-apocalypse movie alive: all buildings are dilapidated, there are no people around, all clocks are stopped, and wild animals are walking in the city center.

Many people think that Chernobyl sounds like complete silence, but this is not so. In terms of smell and sound, the exclusion zone looks more like a forest: there is a lot of greenery here, and a huge number of species live. Nature is actively conquering its territories.

The tragedy happened during the period when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, so many communist symbols, examples of architecture and everyday life of that time have been preserved in Pripyat. This helps to better understand the past.

The cost of a tour with an English-speaking guide is relatively low, so everyone can afford such a trip.