10 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday in Lockdown


Getting birthday blues due to lockdown and social distancing? Celebrating and planning a memorable birthday has always a lot to do with something out of the box however who knew that celebrating your special day would be this tricky as well. We know it might be really difficult to come up with ideas to celebrate your or your loved one’s 50th grand birthday that too in lockdown.

For years you all might have been planning so many things to do on this day however now as the condition demands, you might think it impossible. Although it is going to be so different from what all of us are used to, this year’s 50th birthday celebration during lockdown is certainly going to be remembered.

Whether it is your birthday or you are trying to make someone’s else day special, we have come up with 10 amazing ideas to make the most of your 50th birthday in lockdown. You never know, you might end up enjoying the most than your usual birthdays!

  1. A Virtual Party For Everyone

With so many of us still isolating and staying at home during the lockdown, it may mean not everyone can get out to visit each other, especially for parties. You can organize a virtual party on ZOOM or any other video conferencing app that allows a group of people to be on the same call and see each other.

This can be a lovely idea for those who are unable to attend your 50th birthday party and can be great to stay safe and still party hard with their virtual presence. Make the most out of your virtual party this year and celebrate it in the most unique way you can.

  1. Making Special Video from Special People

If you are in charge of hosting a party for the 50th birthday celebration during the lockdown, you are also in charge to make that person feel out of the world. How about asking the nearest and dearest one to make a short video wishing them on their birthday?

String all the videos gathered together and make a sweet video dedicated to the birthday special person. See the wave of happiness and emotion flooding from all those heart-touching wishes!

  1. Selecting A Party Theme

Another amazing idea to celebrate your 50th birthday during lockdown is consideration of the 50th birthday party theme. It is a lockdown, you might not throw a real party at any venue, however, this does not mean it should be stopping you from decorating your house! Of course, feel free to select a theme for the 50th birthday decorations so that even though it is different from earlier years, makes you still feel it is your birthday!

  1. Surprise 50TH Birthday Decoration at Home

The most amazing idea to celebrate the 50th birthday at home is to surprise the birthday person with a surprise 50th birthday decoration at home. If you have already decided on a particular theme, the 50th birthday decoration items purchase is going to be super easy.

Order online all the necessary stuff such as happy birthday balloons, 50th happy birthday banners, foil balloons, hanging decorations, party accessories, photo booth props, napkins, tablecloths, inexpensive table runners, drapery and many more. Decorate any room of your house in the most beautiful way you can!

  1. Order Online or Bake a Cake at Home

If your area during lockdown is serviceable for cake delivery then you can order online however, to be on the safer side, you can bake a cake at home by yourself. Get some ideas from an online video tutorial and bake the best cake for the day!

  1. A Birthday Menu Planning

It’s your grand day and how can we miss out on delicious and special delicacies. Plan the birthday menu so that you get time for the 50th birthday decoration easily. You can order the food online or prepare it at home as well. Try keeping the menu simple yet delicious so that if you have planned to prepare yourself, you do not get overstressed and tired.

  1. Birthday Movie Night

Nothing feels so good to convert your house into a personal theatre. The lockdown has already restricted all the public activities including PVRs and this is why you can get your mini pvr at your house as well. Plan a movie night with your loved ones, grab lots of popcorn, snack, and a cold drink and watch your favorite movie together after the party is over.

  1. The Pampering

Self-pampering is the best way to love and care for yourself. Now that spas and salons are already closed, don’t you miss pampering yourself? Plan a pampering hour and do the spa session at home! You can do your manicure, facial, pedicure yourself by getting hands-on tutorial videos and learn the art of lifting facial massage!

  1. Some Music and Activities

Clubs, music, dance together might be out of the question at the moment however the birthday is as good an excuse for any for some entertainment and activities. You can consider music, dance and several board games too with your family member. Select your favorite songs and keep everyone entertained even during the virtual birthday party.

  1. Pictures of the Day Of course

Last but not the least, your special day and the special lockdown 50th birthday party also deserve to be captured and treasured for your entire life. Get pictures clicked of every moment, dance, celebration so that you can treasure this special day for ages. You can also order photo booth props online which makes a great add-on for photography and mark the special day in the most amazing way.

There are millions of ideas to get to make your 50th birthday party a memorable one especially during the lockdown. We hope the above-mentioned ideas help you come up with more ideas to celebrate your 50th birthday at home.

And also, do not forget to dress up! To be honest, we hardly ever get a chance to dress up amidst lockdown, so you also got an excuse to dress up! Make use of this special day and click gazillion pictures and fill your social media feed too!