Caster Sugar vs Powdered Sugar


Sugar is a common word we know, but do you know there are different types of sugar for different purposes? These types of sugar can make your work easy and provide perfect taste to you. Today we are going to talk about two types of sugar from many- caster sugar and powdered sugar in brief.

What is castor sugar?

Caster sugar refers to the super fine granules of the sugar. It has a  consistency  between crumbled and the powdered sugar. Castor sugar has the quality to dissolve faster in whips, creamed mixtures, and others. Caster sugar is ideal for delicate recipes like sponge cake, meringues, and souffles.

This sugar replaces sugar syrup in bars to sweeten the drinks like cocktails. Caster sugar has many names like “superfine sugar” and caster sugar or baking sugar. Caster sugar got its name from the fact that its granules are shaken in the shaker(caster). People prefer it as a sprinkler for fruits.

Varieties of Caster Sugar

Caster sugar has two types- white and golden. White caster sugar is easier to find than golden sugar. Golden sugar created from unrefined beets or sugarcane converted into molasses during processing.

These molasses leave a light brown color with amazing flavors like caramel or butter. Caster sugar is low in calories and has similar nutritional benefits as granulated. It is free from cholesterol and fat with a composition- carbs 4.2 grams and calories 16 per tablespoon. It has zero fiber and protein and one can consume it in moderation.

What is powdered sugar?

Powdered sugar refers to the graceful ground refined sugar into powder form. It is also known as  Confectioner sugar or 10X sugar, because of its finer consistency.  It has 160 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 82 °C) melting point and one can store it for two years after packaging. The rich texture makes it suitable for dusting, icing, frosting, and dense baked goods.

Powdered sugar tastes like granulated sugar with a smoother mouth-feel like powder. One can prepare the powdered sugar at home with the help of a grinder used for grinding spices. Powdered sugar contains 3% cornstarch for getting a rich texture and preventing crumble.

It is known as 10X sugar, which shows the number of processes during manufacturing. 10X has the finest consistency that gives a smooth density to icing. Confectioner sugar contains 95 and 97%  mixed with 3-5% cornstarch. In case anyone is planning to store it he needs to skip cornstarch.

Caster Sugar Vs Powdered Sugar

Caster sugar vs powdered sugar are the types of sugar with different compositions. Caster sugar is superfine whereas powdered sugar is very fine granulated sugar. Caster sugar is available in refined as well as unrefined form. The unrefined form is less processed and created by squeezing juice from sugarcane.

This sugar contains more molasses leaves creamy color, gives dark color while baking. Unrefined sugar contains more minerals and nutrients. Powdered sugar named as confectioner sugar that resembles powder created from granulated sugar. It is than mixed with the smallest quantity of cornstarch to avoid crumbling or caking. Powdered sugar has many uses like:

  • Use in whipped cream, confections, and sweets
  • For frosting and decoration
  • Ensure a creamy and smooth taste
  • Use in sauces and for salad dressing where demand a pinch of sweetness.

Preparation of caster sugar and powdered sugar at home

Preparation of these two sugars is easy and one can prepare in minutes according to their need. The process is simple and one can consider: You can prepare caster sugar at home from granulated sugar by grinding slight in the blender.

Be careful while doing it as it might end up in powdered form rather than finer granules. Powdered sugar is easy to prepare at home in an easy step. One needs to take granulated sugar about 1 cup (0.24 l) and mix it with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Bend it in the blender or processor till it get into powdered form.


Caster sugar and powdered sugar types are available in refined and unrefined form. These forms serve different purposes for people in different professions and taste.  Powdered sugar has the capability to dissolve in water faster.

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