Solutions to Common Canon Printer Issues


Even though the digital world is working towards making it paperless, right now we are still heavily dependent on printers for all kinds of office work. This is also the reason why you should know the basis of Canon printers troubleshoot solutions in case of any problems.

Printers are an essential part of our lives, both in and out of office. It is extremely crucial that we keep hard copies of all our important documents. However, like all other technical devices, printers also come with a maddening range of problems. We have all experienced canon printer issues like paper jamming and slow printing.

The curious thing is your printer will start malfunctioning when you badly need it to work.

Such issues, when they persist, can be very annoying. Hence, you should know about the common canon printer issues and what are the Canon printers troubleshoot methods.

Here are some of the common Canon printer issues and their solutions.

     1. Printer Does Not Print

To tackle unexpected printer issues, you need to know Canon MG2520 troubleshooting solutions. Many canon printer users have faced situations where their printers have stopped printing. Follow the below instruction if your printer is not working and has stopped printing.

  • Check the connection of your printer and reconnect it after disconnecting.
  • Set your canon printer as your default and update your printer device.
  • Check your printer spooler service.
  • Delete all print tasks and check the status of your printer again.

      2. Paper Jam

Paper jam is one of the most common canon printer problems. This happens when a paper gets stuck in the roller and does not make movement either way.

In such cases, you have to remove the paper manually to get it to work properly. Canon printers show an orange blinking light which indicates a paper jam error. Follow the Canon MG2520 troubleshooting instructions below to solve this problem.

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect it.
  • Open paper output cover. and remove the paper in the cartridge if any.
  • Check for the jammed paper and hold it strongly with both hands.
  • Slowly and firmly pull out the paper.
  • Do not tear it.
  • Once you remove all the jammed paper, close the paper exit cover, and reload the paper

      3. Faded Prints

This problem is quite common in inkjet printers. If the print head is clogged, it may lead to dried ink. This dried ink can cause blockage which may lead to faded print quality.

If you are experiencing these problems, then make use of the printer utility program. It will clear off the dried ink. Once done, try printing on a test page.

However, you may also face this issue if the ink is fading out. In such a situation, look for any alerts that your printer is giving. It may be time to replace your cartridges.

    4. Incomplete Printing

If you are printing something that is taking a lot of time, your canon printer may stop printing before restarting again. This mostly happens if you are printing graphics-heavy documents or printing photos. Since the machine is processing large amounts of data, certain parts of the printer start heating up.

If your printer is malfunctioning, then allow the machine to rest for some time and switch it off. This will resolve your problem.

And if the issue persists, then it might be time for you to contact any printer professional for maintenance.

    5. No Paper Alert

When a canon printer displays a ‘No Paper’ error, then there may be an identified object in the rear tray. Switch off your printer and delete that object if you want to do Canon printers troubleshoot.

Alternatively, a printer may run into an error, if the papers are not loaded properly or misaligned. Ensure that the papers are positioned according to image orientation. Occasionally if the paper is wrinkled or curled, your printer may give no paper alert.

Therefore, make sure the paper you load into the printer is the right one and clean the paper feed roller frequently.


The above solutions will help you do Canon MG2520 troubleshooting if you experience these common problems. However, if your issue persists or if you face some different issue, then it is advisable that you contact professionals and get expert help. Therefore, do not hesitate to call your printer maintenance provider if you face printer problems.

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