List of the Canon printers troubleshoot problems and its solutions


In the techno-oriented scenario, no one can replace the value of canon printers. Even printing machines become the quintessence part of offices. So, it is necessary to know Canon mg2520 troubleshooting.

When you use the printer, then you may face some technical issues. These technical issues in canon printers lead to a panic situation. Undoubtedly, you will frustrate with the problems at some point.

Sometimes, not all problems need help from professional technicians. Even you can resolve these issues smoothly. Firstly, you will have to understand the issues of canon printers and then work on solutions.

This is because you cannot directly move onto the solution before knowing the problem. Here is the list of some solutions to some common printer issues. You implement these issues when you face canon printers troubleshoot.

     1. The printer does not print

It is quite an obvious and common problem. What you need to do is to check either it is correctly plugged in or not. Make sure that it is turned on.

The printer starts printing when the ON lamp is lit and not flashing. You may experience a delay. Wait for the ON light or indicator to stop the flashing.

When the lamp remains steady, then the printers commence the printing. There is also a chance that the availability of an un-deleted print job is an obstacle. What you need to do is remove these from the queue. After that, retry the printing of your material.

     2. Paper Jam

It is also cannon printers troubleshoot faced by the users. A warning will indicate when the paper is jammed in the printer. To resolve this problem, firstly turn off the printer and then unplug it.

Further, do not touch the film and gently pull out the paper which is jammed. Cross-check that no paper or slip is left inside.

    3. Faded or light prints

The main reason behind the light print is a clogged print head. In addition to it, dry inks lead to blockage. In addition to it, this problem is relatively common in the case of inkjet printers.

The problem is not only the too-light prints, but they can also be spotty or horizontal lines. With the help of the printer’s utility program, one can clear the dry ink. Once you run the program, then print a one test page.

Check either the problem is resolved or not. In addition to it, if the ink is about to run out, then the issue of light print arises.  Even your printer indicates this. What you need to do is change the cartridge.  

    4. Slow Printer

It is considered the standard canon printers troubleshoot. It is because when it is ready to print, the high quality of output. A great way to enhance printer performance is to reduce print quality.

In addition to it, you can change the setting to a draft mode. It does not only enhance the speed of your printer but also helps you to save on ink or toner. You can also omit the graphics to enhance the printing speed.

    5. Printing is not completed.

There is also a chance that the printer stops printing in the middle of the task. Although it is unusual yet there is a possibility that you can face this situation. If you print the graphic-heavy materials or files, then you may struggle with this issue.

It may be because that computer processes the critical data. Once the processing is done, then the printing resumes. Printing may also pause if the machine is printing for an extended period. Due to it, some parts of it may be overheated.

What you need to do is, allow the printer to rest for a while. You can turn it off for at least 15 minutes. If you find that it still does not work, then call the professional technicians.

Apart from it, you can uninstall and reinstall the software of canon which came with your printer. After that, do the navigation from the web-browser to the official page. Further, you can download the recent version of the software driver.

In the end, these are the same problems and solutions. If you think you can resolve the issue, you can try it by doing the research. Otherwise, instead of taking the risk, you can look for professional technician help.

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