Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Subscribers For Channel?


YouTube is a free global platform for video sharing that lets people upload & share their videos online. It is one of the most popular wide platforms where people can connect over more than 2.3 billion people among which 70% of the population (nearly estimated) have their own YouTube accounts. No wonder many people are trying to buy YouTube subscribers for monetizing their earnings from such platforms as this has such a huge community all across the globe.

People rate these videos with the like or dislike buttons available below them. Viewers can also comment through their own YouTube account as well as if you like someone’s videos there is an option of SUBSCRIBE to get notified every single time when they upload something.

Is It Easy To Monetize A YouTube Channel?

Take a look at different YouTube channels, you will see that the monetization mostly depends upon the subscribers you have & the maximum amount of time you get viewed by your viewers. So you have to be very precise or careful. No doubt YouTube is a lucrative business source for many content creators. To be precise what a YouTube Partner Program requires?

Your channel must have a minimum watch time of 4000 hours on a video from the last 1 year before you apply for the monetization. Now is it necessary that a tremendous amount of viewers on your YouTube channel assure the number of subscribers on your channel or vice versa? The answer is No. If you want to be regularly viewed by your viewers, try to create a balance between the number of subscribers or the total watch time on each video.

How much time does it take to expand your subscribers organically?

In every single minute, there is a new video on the YouTube platform that makes it hard sometimes to increase likes, comments, or mainly subscribers organically. While gaining more viewers on your channel, the factors that keep on rolling are time, energy & money.

So the answer is yes. Search engine optimization, social media optimization, tie-ups with different bloggers, influencer marketing can provide you many real active users organically but you need to be patient as it involves a lot of time to get desired results.

Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Subscribers?

We understand how you can become popular when there are so many influential YouTubers established already. It is getting very hard as new accounts need a lot more likes or viewers to watch. So, how about buying YouTube subscribers to kickstart your account? Is it legit or safe? We know that your account is always at a risk of getting banned or deactivated. Google doesn’t like fake subscribers & viewers this is against its policy.

Like any other social media hack, this is only a trick to get you more views, comments & subscribers but it can be risky sometimes. But it’s true according to the YouTube algorithm if you have low watch time on your videos you are not likely to get visible on YouTube search pages which results in zero engagement.

The most difficult part is when you buy YouTube subscribers you are paying only to play your content videos. So don’t try to make a fool out of yourself by buying 0 to 100K subscribers in a single night. Go through a slow process but try to buy real YouTube subscribers who can watch videos completely not just get paid. Go for genuine subscribers who will help to get you in trending searches.

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Surely you can take a little help in buying YouTube subscribers in order to reach the suggested window tab in YouTube. Here is the list of sites that can help you gain more subscribers:

Getviral is one of the most popular sites to get an instant boost for your YouTube channel with different offer packages. Choose one of their packages according to the requirements of your channel. You have to provide all the basic details & fees for the package. Once you are done with the payment just sit & try to monitor all the results or changes they have promised. Reasonable rates & transparency are the main factors that you must visit the website once.


This website is one of the best in business. You will be amazed by the results without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part of Viralyft is that it deals in genuine subscribers or views only. You do not need to worry about fake accounts or subscribers. Select the YouTube packages according to your range with premium quality support.

Just mention the URL of your YouTube Channel & pay through a secured gateway. They also accept global methods of payment. They offer subscribers real profiles; secure payment methods, maintain your privacy or timely results.

Views  Expert

All the influencers who are trying to build their online YouTube community in various ways can visit Views Expert. It is a one roof solution for your channel to get likes, comments, subscribers, shares & views. You will see many affordable packages with different results. You will get extra convincing support from their team to increase the credibility of your channel.

As well as they also do provide you authentic and active viewers who can help you reach your suggested audience. Select the reasonable offer for your channel which you like & get the exposure you want within a limited time.

Are you looking to increase your Subscriber count on YouTube? Try SocialPackages with instant boost or credible results in a few hours. They offer reasonable global packages with a hassle-free process & genuine subscribers.

Choose the package you like & make the payment to see desired results in no time. They ensure authenticated accounts to save your account from future damage. Other factors like chat support, premium quality, risk-free come along their way.

Red Social

Want to grow your channel by gaining YouTube Subscribers immediately? Red Social can make that happen for you. They have different services for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They offer affordable packages for YouTube views, comments & subscribers. They claim subscriber’s packages from 100 to 2000 and 100% real people all around the world. For any queries connect to their 24/7 chat support system. Check out Red social if you want to see real or instant growth for your YouTube channel.

Pros: Buy YouTube Subscribers

  • Getting a quick start on YouTube is getting harder day by day. If you are buying YouTube subscribers, then it is a great way to get more views on your video in the beginning. More subscribers provide you more traffic.
  • Most of the companies offer these services at an affordable price. Try to find a difference between real users or cheap bots. Choose real ones.
  • According to the YouTube algorithm, there is a lot of importance in having more subscribers. Getting more subscribers gets a higher ranking to your videos or channel that means ultimately, your content will be suggested to more people.
  • More subscribers help to increase the social authority as well as improve the online reputation of your channel among people.


If you want to get famous on YouTube, Hitting that milestone of more subscribers can be a bumpy road. Buy YouTube Subscribers can be a great solution but try to make sure that you buy the right ones. The sites that have real networks or strategies can help you in getting desired results for your channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is it possible to buy YouTube subscribers?

Yes, most of the companies do sell authentic YouTube subscribers that can make your channel progress. But some of them might only claim it because they have automated tools or cheat bots to show that your subscribers are increasing. So beware YouTube can flag these channels or you can even get banned from the platform.

What is the price of 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

A thousand subscribers will cost you approximately 30 to 50 dollars, and for 1000 views you will pay 3 to 4 dollars. That’s extremely cheap if you get a real subscribers community.

Can I buy 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Yes, you can get 1000 subscribers in a day. But it can create a risk so try to go slow. There are many super affordable packages that are available to buy subscribers. It costs you nearly a hundred dollars in which your channel will be subscribed by 1000 subscribers in 2 to 5 days.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?

It’s not difficult when there are so many websites out there selling YouTube subscribers for a price. You need to select a package & your subscribers will be delivered to you in one day.

How many subscribers do I need to get paid?

According to the YouTube Partner Program, the required eligibility for monetizing your YouTube account is that you need more than 1000 subscribers on your channel. At the same time, your account needs minimum watch hours of 4,000 within the last 12 months along with the active Google Adsense account.

How can I get free subscribers?

If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers for free or organically? Try to create unique content & promote that content on different social media platforms. Find out how more people can click that Subscribe button. Interact with an audience to create a more convincing community. Tell them to subscribe in the end.