4 Reasons why you need to Bulletproof Car Windows right away


The world is no more a safer place. Incidents are happening every day, so it is important to protect ourselves. If you often travel to dangerous places or hold a particular position, it becomes important to keep yourself protected.

Bulletproof Car Windows

Bulletproof is the best way to protect you. Bulletproof car windows are becoming popular in the United States. People who own luxurious cars make sure they have bulletproof car windows.

But the question is why you should bulletproof your cars. This blog post will help you understand the importance of bulletproof cars.

Protects expensive cars from getting damaged:

If you have a bulletproof car, you don’t need to worry about any damage. Stay rest assured that no one can harm your car unless they try hard to destroy your vehicle. Bulletproof your car windows, it helps to keep your car in a good structure.

Bulletproof car windows keep you safe:

Nothing is more important than your safety to you and your loved ones. Bulletproof car windows keep you safe from all types of threats and damages in the outside world.

It becomes more important to bulletproof your car to increase your safety if you are a political leader or a public figure.

Protect yourself from threats:

The cases of kidnapping, shooting, and other crimes are increasing day by day. If you have to travel to dangerous places, it is recommended to get bulletproof car windows and travel with a relaxed peace of mind.

Live in a dangerous neighborhood

If you are living in a locality with a high rate of thefts, kidnapping, and crimes, it becomes really important to protect your self and your loved ones when you go out in your locality. Bulletproofing car window and car protect you from such incidents.

More than our lives, we care for our loved ones. Bulletproofing your car and windows not only protects you but also protects your family while they are travelling.

In the process of armouring your car, bulletproofing the windows is very important. Since windows take a large fraction of your vehicle, adding a thicker window will not help. Usually, these thicker windows can break into pieces and cannot save you from car robberies.

To bulletproof your windows, you must sandwich it with polycarbonate polymer on the inside and leaded glasses on the outside. If you want more protection, you can make your window glasses thicker.

Apart from the windows, the other parts of the vehicle that you can make bulletproof are doors, body, interior, tires, suspension, and engine.

The next question that comes to our mind is, how much does it cost to bulletproof.

  • The cost of bulletproofing your car depends on a lot of factors like the level of protection you need, i.e., you want protection from a handgun or a riffle like AR-10? This depends on the level of safety and individual needs.
  • The next factor that determines the price is the model of the vehicle. Some vehicles require a lot of time to bulletproof, so the price of armouring differs.
  • The next factor that determines the price is the area you want to cover. The coverage area mainly depends on the reasons as to why you want to bulletproof. Some people only bulletproof the windows, while some choose to bulletproof the whole vehicle.
  • The next factor that determines the price is the country you live in. The cost of bulletproofing differs from country to country depending on the shipping cost, import expenses, and the labour used.

Bulletproofing your vehicle also has a few drawbacks. Since you have a bulletproof car, a few insurance companies do not provide insurance for any damage caused in this case. Bulletproof vehicles are also a little heavy compared to the normal vehicles which cause difficulty in driving.

Bulletproofing your car can be a tedious process, and you won’t be able to succeed unless and until you are a professional and have good knowledge about armoring the car. It is always advisable to take the help of a professional who will provide you with satisfactory results.

With an increase in the demand for bulletproofing, many companies offer bulletproofing services. It is recommended that you do proper research before choosing a company to get your car bulletproofed.

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