Blogging is one of the fascinating occupations, bringing fame and money to the masses. Without question, it is one of the industries that need a significant amount of time and effort to succeed. If you’re writing a blog or a website, you have to keep your audience engaged. The introduction of blogging tools has made it much simpler and more convenient to meet and achieve your goals. These writing tools will help you work faster on your blog.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the most accurate and useful blogging resources. These blogging tools will help you create better blog posts, attract more organic traffic, improve your Google ranking, and more. Let’s take a look at several great blogging resources that help you get things done quickly:

     1. Searchenginereports- Plagiarism Checker

Bloggers gather information from a variety of sources and then write it down on their terms. Even then, there’s a risk that the material is plagiarized. Because of their busy schedules, bloggers are forced to rewrite someone else’s content using paraphrasing techniques, which turn it into something new by modifying it and swapping it with sophisticated synonyms.

The use of the Searchenginereports plagiarism checker is needed for all blog posts to perform a plagiarism check because it extensively analyses the content to recognize copied content. It is a highly protected online plagiarism checker for bloggers that protects the client’s privacy. Indeed, this fantastic free plagiarism detector supports several file types and is extremely simple to use when performing a plagiarism check. Its accuracy and speed are perfect, allowing bloggers to continue posting content to their blogs with complete trust.

This amazing plagiarism detector is a necessary blogging tool to check plagiarism that all bloggers can use because it is reliable. At Searchenginereports, you can perform numerous plagiarism checks and content analyses for plagiarism for up to 1500 words at a time.

    2. Keyword planner – keyword research

When it comes to blogging, it’s important to pick the right subject or niche. When you’re using the relevant word in your blog, Google will rate it higher and reach out to more people. Since keyword targeting is so essential, the blogger must conduct a comprehensive search.

Keyword planner is a quick and awesome blogging tool that offers high-targeting keywords to use in articles. It generates several keywords based on their popularity, length, competitiveness, recommended bids, and monthly requests.

Choosing a subject to write about is a difficult task for most bloggers. The keyword planner will suggest the most powerful keywords for you to use. It does give you a topic to write about to increase traffic to your blog.

    3. Google docs – Content Writer

Bloggers who want to breathe a sigh of relief in their writing should use Google Docs. It aids authors in improved writing and editing by seamlessly combining punctuation and syntax corrections. It’s fantastic to use on both a tablet and a desktop computer. Approximately 20% of businesses use it daily for their material.

It also has proper formatting tools that allow you to compose and paste articles on a website. Using Google Docs to communicate with clients and staff is easy. Bloggers can appreciate the convenience of storing their data in the cloud. Bloggers must regularly update their information on their blog site to use Google Docs to access their published posts. The best part is that they can use any computer to view these documents.

   4. Fyrebox – quiz maker

It is important to educate people through convenient and straightforward learning strategies when it refers to academics. Fyrebox is one of the most useful resources for bloggers who want to create quizzes. It’s an easy way to build quizzes for your audience. Initially, bloggers had to put in a lot of effort to create quizzes. It took a long time and needed difficult coding for the quiz. People must do this by hand, and even a single coding error has proven to be problematic.

Make sure the quiz content is original by using a plagiarism checker. FyreBox allows bloggers to create immersive and entertaining quizzes in a matter of seconds. It will support and enhance your company’s appearance. This form of content aids in the growth of sales and the exponential rise in the ranking of blogs. You’ll have access to a range of amazing templates to work with.

    5. HubSpot – blog title generator

Allowing your article to appear average or invisible to search engines is a bad idea. When the topic is ambiguous, even the most enticing and appealing material is useless. The title of the blog article is the most clickable feature. The more enthralling it is, the more popularity it will eventually achieve. Allow your post title or description to be the most interesting and creative to generate engagement and sales. It was discovered to contribute 73 percent to the product’s purchasing decision, according to sources.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator leaves no room for doubt in its quest to supply you with a title worthy of your time and effort. Many bloggers neglect to include those elements in their blog names. This online tool will clear up their misunderstandings about what makes a good title. It is, in reality, a combination of many elements that are arranged logically.


The five tools mentioned above are the best blogging tools to help you work faster and write better. We hope this article helps you start your blogging journey or flourish the one you have started already.