An Informative Guide to Vaping for Beginners


Did you know that the number of vapers is close to 41 million? This popular activity has surely caught on, hasn’t it? It’s easy to say that many people prefer vaping over traditional cigarettes.

With so many flavors and options at your disposal, it’s easy to see why. What if you’re new to the scene though? Vaping for beginners needn’t be daunting or overwhelming, but enjoyable and relaxing.

Once you learn how to vape you will begin to see the benefits. To learn where best vaping tips for beginners, read our guide below.

The Basics of Vaping

You’ll need a device of some kind to get started, such as a vape kit, e-cigarette, pen, or mod.

When first starting out vaping, we recommend using a vape pen. They are simple to use and only a bit bigger than a cigarette.

There are 2 methods to vaping called MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DTL (Direct to Lung). Depending on what your preferences are, you likely will want to start with MTL before moving onto DTL.

Mouth to Lung

The MTL method is very similar to how you would smoke a cigarette. Inhale deeply until it reaches your lungs then exhale. For our vaping for beginners guide, we recommend this method first.

Direct to Lung

When you have learned how to vape using the MTL method, it’s time to move on to the DTL. Slowly and steadily begin to pull the vapor into your lungs. You don’t have to suck or puff on the device.

It is a lot like taking a deep breath or breathing through the device.

Parts of a Vape to Know

The different parts of the vape include the coil, tank, mod, and battery. Each of these plays an important role in the overall vaping experience, so understanding how they work individually will give you a better idea of what the vape is actually doing.

Let’s go over the components of a vaping device below.


When you press the button to inhale, the coil absorbs the e-liquid from the tank. They are made from wire and cotton and once heated up the e-liquid will turn into vapor.

When first learning how to vape, get a coil with 1 ohm or more.


The tank is fed into the coil, it is what holds the e-liquid. To spot it, it is the plastic or glass casing surrounding your coil.


A mod is the biggest piece of your device. It is connected to the tank and where the battery fits in. You may want to buy a vape with a built-in battery too.


The vaping battery is what heats the coil to activate it. You will need to charge this from time to time via USB. This often improves the inhales you take.

The most common vaping battery is the 18650, but there are many on the market. While you can hit a cart without a battery, most models have one that you’ll need to make sure is working correctly for the vape to function.

Vaping for Beginners: Welcome to Vape Nation

With our vaping for beginners guide above, which vaping device did you decide to choose?

As you enjoy learning the ropes of how to vape, you will want to continue on your journey as you figure out what you like (or don’t like) about vaping.

We advise you to check out our other informative guides on the subject on our blog next!