All You Need to Know About Mazda and Miata Rotary Swap Kit


Mazda seems to be a car company that isn’t scared to try new things. Mazda has actually never backed away from experimenting with new concepts or innovations. And so it’s possible that is why the company has acquired such a passionate Mazda fan base.

Nevertheless, Mazda is perhaps mostly known amongst gear heads for being the only maker of current rotary-powered vehicles. Mazda these days no longer sells automobiles with rotary engines. To gratify its fans, they have only provided rotating motors on exceptional occasions.

Every day, though, we witness a new rookie gear head flaunting his or her Miata rotary swap kit. Now, come with us as we drive deep to check out whether the rotary-powered kit is a good investment for your bucks or not!

But first, here is an overview of the whole post so you’ll know what you’ll be reading over here. Enjoy!

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The Success of Mazda MX-5 Miata                                                                  

Engine Swap Alternatives for Miata                                                           

Miata Rotary Swap Kit                                                                                             

Wrapping Things Up!                                                                             

Firstly, we the gear heads know that the RX series of Mazda cars may not be the biggest and most renowned sports vehicle from a company explicitly known for its unique automotive concept. In actuality, Mazda’s best and iconic sports car is still very much in full operation to this date, with a remarkably simple architectural approach.

The Success of Mazda MX-5 Miata

Without a single drop of doubt, Mazda’s best sports car is indeed the MX-5 Miata. To be honest, this isn’t just Mazda’s best racing car; but it’s undoubtedly 1 of the best convertible performance vehicle to this day, but yes, it isn’t on the top of the list. Actually, it really is a combo that most automakers have attempted. Nobody, however, has ever achieved the degree of popularity that Mazda has today.

The MX-5 isn’t as well-engineered as its RX siblings. It is, however, wonderfully practical. Mazda developed their MX-5 to become a classic front-engine, rear-wheel-drive racing car with minimal bells and whistles. As well as to do it at a price that is reasonable for the average earning person.

It works admirably since, despite all the other cars that have gone through technological advancements and increased conveniences, Mazda clings to the core concept of “JinbaIttai,” or “improved driving dynamics,” where the driver may focus entirely on operating the vehicle. The racer should, in theory, be eager to merge in with his/her Miata MX-5.

As an outcome, it’s no surprise that the MX-5 Miata community is absolutely enormous. It is a well-known convertible performance car all across the globe. No other car compares to the smooth control of any MX-5 edition.

At the end of the day, no vehicle is faultless. Perhaps the only sole issue that has persisted with every MX-5 edition, it seems that the MX-5 comes up short during the age where turbocharged small cars, as well as sedans, are the norm. For several people, a car like the Golf R delivers addictive power while being quite economical.

For all those seeking an automobile with sophisticated yet exciting driving features at a fair expense, there is definitely the GT86. Everyone else is starting to catch up to the MX-5’s capabilities. Despite this, there is something very oddly attractive regarding MX-5 Miatas, which is why they are quite a famous and popular performance car.

Well, because over a million MX-5s get produced and built each year, the MX-5 resell as well as aftermarket remains truly massive. There are various ways to help in making the MX-5 faster, starting from simple intake plus muffler tweaks to pretty much the entire powertrain swap kits.

MX-5 Miatas remain, in actuality, one of the most desirable vehicles for engine upgrades. Thanks to its front-engine and rear-wheel-drive design, they can accommodate a wide range of engines beneath the smartly proportioned engine bay.

Several engine modifications are ridiculous and would solely perform on a drag race strip. There are, nevertheless, a number of options that are astonishingly reasonable and pragmatic, plus it may truly boost your MX-5 driving dynamics.

Engine Swap Alternatives for Miata

Numerous engines show up to be installed just under the bonnet of a Miata. Since Miata engine replacements are fairly inexpensive, many aftermarket producers have designed Miata-specific engine swap kits. Your preferences have an impact on your selection.

Engine upgrades on the MX-5, in contrast to common beliefs, are not as simple as they appear. It’s true especially if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. Nevertheless, if you do have the patience and therefore are ready to invest the time, building an engine alteration is not tricky.

The following are some of the best powertrain swap choices for you to consider!

  • Rotary
  • Mazda BP Inline 4
  • LS V8
  • LFX V6
  • Honda K-Series Inline 4
  • Honda J-Series V6
  • Ford V8
  • Duratec V6

Miata Rotary Swap Kit

For anyone interested in participating in a performance car project, the good news is that rotary motor engines from numerous Mazda automobiles are available. While it is not very practical nor sensible, but it will become a one-of-a-kind Miata. a true head turner!

It’s not an entirely new idea; it has been tried repeatedly. The major advantages of rotary engines include their weight and size. Based upon the rotary-powered engine you decide to snuggle up in your Mazda, its load will approximately be the equivalent of the Miata stock engines as well as it will be much slimmer plus lower.

Lucky 7 Racing has also produced a mounting package for those that are intrigued. Another forum post with specifics on the engine swap may be found here. Fabrication expertise plus tolerance are both required in this process.

The Miata rotary swap kit equipment includes a custom subframe to aid with the installation of a second edition 13B rotary engine together into the first-gen of Mazda Miata.

  • 1 L7R Miata Subframe is included in the package.
  • 2 L7R Polyurethane Mounts with all required hardware.
  • 1 L7R Motor Mount Bracket, Right Side.

For the highest quality craftsmanship and greater durability, all the components are handmade. Heavy-duty structures with fittings guarantee unparalleled corrosion, grease, as well as chemical resistance.

At $1,999 bucks, this is the best and affordable Rotary kit on the marketplace!

Perks differ according to the rotary engine used, but overall speaking, rotary engines adapt to changes quite well. A supercharger can also be used with this setup, although special exhaust modifications are necessary.

Wrapping Things Up!

This post barely skims the surface of a huge avalanche. Although having a traditional sportscar chassis, the MX-5 Miata has a huge following. Mods, more or less like engine swaps, remain popular among aficionados even in 2021, and the Miata seems to be well suited for them.

There seem to be a few bizarre converts who are either unreasonably expensive or ridiculous. Like we remember that someone previously built an AWD Subaru-powered Miata, and the JZ powertrain also was snuggled into a Miata. I mean, who does this kind of stuff?

Well, that is the Miata MX-5’s charm. When it comes to the standard model, it is a completely balanced automobile featuring good control. It is, though, a blank sheet of paper for some folks owing to its low power. hence, all in all, a Miata rotary swap kit might well be your key to the speed you desire if you are searching for a nice customizable car.