8 Online Shoe Purchasing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


The online shopping experience has never been more prominent, especially since the pandemic. A survey shows that 51% of the population buy their footwear from a shoe store website.

Online shoe stores offer vast selections, fitting price ranges, and hassle-free transactions. However, if you’re buying shoes online for the first time, it can be hard to find a shop you trust.

Do you want to know how to shop online for shoes? Here are eight online shoe purchasing mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s time to get some fresh kicks!

  1. Overlooking Quality

Quality is a vital criterion to consider when buying shoes. However, many people overlook it because of the design and affordable price. Low-quality footwear can wear out fast and fall apart anytime.

It’s uncomfortable to wear shoes with thin soles and poor construction often. You can get blisters, ingrown toenails, and foot pain. Don’t let the price tempt you and be sure only to spend on a quality pair.

Find out the material used on the footwear to determine quality. You can check the description of the item and review its features. You may also leave queries on the FAQ section of the shoe store website to know more about the product, too.

Choose branded footwear to guarantee its quality. Reputable brands offer durable, resistant, and long-lasting shoes. You can visit their official website to ensure the authenticity of the product.

  1. Relying on Website Images

Most online shoppers base their online shoe purchases on the product image used. However, shoe store websites use edited and enhanced photos to market their products. With this, many customers complain about the colors of the shoes when received.

Many websites inform buyers about the discrepancy in color in the description. Check the product description to determine the correct shade and color of the shoes. You can contact the website customer service for questions on the shoes, too.

Beware of websites using enhanced yet small images. Go for an online shoe store that provides clear and large product images. Ensure they post close-up shots of the shoes showing their details, too.

You can check online customer reviews for more reliable product images.

  1. Ignoring Website Measurement System

The shoe size measurement system can differ for each online shoe store. Ignoring it can result in negative consequences. It includes the inconvenience of returning the footwear and adverse effect on health.

A study shows that over 57% of buyers return their shoes because of sizing issues. Moreover, wearing unfit shoes can result in neuropathy or foot deformities. Buy the right size and proper-fitting shoes to prevent issues.

You can check the shoe measurement guidelines on the website. Then, measure your feet to compare with the given shoe size system. It ensures you get the correct fit even without trying on the shoes.

  1. Choosing Style Over Comfort

Choosing style over comfort is one of the online shoe purchasing mistakes to avoid. While many practice fashion over comfort, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort when it comes to footwear. Wearing a bad pair can cause adverse effects on your feet and legs over time.

Moreover, buying stylish yet uncomfortable shoes is a waste of money and materials. Storing footwear for a long time can result in its deterioration. Thus, choose fashionable and proper-fitting footwear.

Ask yourself, are they worth it? Note that you can use footwear more often if they are comfortable.

  1. Impulsive Buying Without Comparing Prices

You can spend more money when buying shoes online without comparing prices. Thus, visit other shoe store websites before buying. The online market offers vast options for shoes and fitting price ranges.

Checking other online shoe stores to compare prices allows you to find better deals. You can find websites offering discounts or promos for their products. With this, you can save money.

However, beware of websites that scam people to earn money.

  1. Disregarding Store Policies

Online store policies are rules and regulations summarizing what to expect when buying. It covers the type of payment, shipping schedule, and return policy. A store policy guides customers to a seamless transaction.

For example, you want to return defective shoes. However, the store doesn’t allow return transactions. You don’t want to end up with a damaged product and wasted money.

You must read and understand the online store policy before buying. Determine if they provide clear and concise rules. It guarantees a secured and smooth transaction.

  1. Skipping Reviews

Online customer reviews contain crucial evaluations of the product and customer service. Moreover, feedback can affect your buying decision.

Look for a shoe store website that receives a high-customer rating. It can guarantee you the authenticity and quality of its products. Moreover, a reputable online shoe store provides commendable customer service.

  1. Buying From Suspicious Sites

Some websites pretend to be legitimate sellers to scam people. They often offer quality products from popular brands. However, people either receive counterfeit products or nothing from them.

Be mindful when choosing your online shoe store. Conduct a background search on the history and credibility of the shoe store website. You can check feedback as well to determine customer satisfaction.

Avoid websites that offer low prices for quality products. Beware of an online shoe store that asks for up-front payment, such as wire transfer and money order, too.

If the deal seems too good to be true, it most likely is. They are people trying to steal from your financial accounts.

You can buy once you confirm the reliability of the shop. Buying shoes from legitimate websites ensures a secured transaction.

Avoiding Online Shoe Purchasing Mistakes

Many customers encounter mishaps when buying shoes online. They receive low-quality products, spend more money, or get scammed by fraudulent sites. You must be mindful of online shoe purchasing mistakes to avoid them.

Assess the quality of the products using the description and reviews. Be a wise online shopper. If you want to know more tips about online shopping, check out our other blog posts!