7 things a virtual receptionist can do for your business


Have you tried analyzing how well your company can handle the calls? Imagine that your customers are calling, and most of them are in the waiting queue. Do you have someone who can handle the call flow?

Whether you notice it or not, most of your new customers can judge your business by professionalism. Researches have shown that most customers can judge a company’s values by their customer service experience, and customers today demand better services now than they did a year ago.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist can be defined as a real person who works remotely and handles all your customer calls. It is noticed that companies that use these services experience more benefits, support productivity, and a solid bottom line. Here we have listed seven benefits that a virtual assistant provides:

   1 A real person answers your call

It might sound too obvious, but the top benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that your calls are answered by an actual human and not a robot. It means that 100% of your customer service calls are catered with a friendly human voice. Most customers can easily differentiate between an automated robot and a human agent. Your clients are more inclined to talk to a real person for assistance rather than an AI. It means that if you are using an automated system, you are disappointing most of your visiting customers.

It is further noticed that when customers call your business and hear an automated system, only 3 percent will continue the call while 30 perfect will not be happy with the experience. Every customer wants to feel valued, and they think that their issue is unique. In short, they expect a human to answer their calls.

  1. Resolve your issues efficiently

One of the reasons your customers want to get human assistance is because they prefer real-time answers to their questions. The only reason why they are driven to pick up their phone and call for help is that they believe that customer service will solve their issues. A virtual receptionist fits in the criteria of everything that your customers need. They will reach to a live person and immediately get the guidance they need. This is a huge help, especially when the call flow is too much. Moreover, a virtual receptionist can reduce the impact of complaints as they assist them calmly and professionally

  1. Increased client retention

Sometimes a customer might call in extreme frustration, and they might be on the verge of leaving your services. In such cases, a virtual receptionist is trained to calm the situation with their customer service skills and retain the customer through empathy and a relevant solution. They approach the angry customers with understanding and often a solution that they are looking for. Maintaining only 5 percent of your customers alone is enough to pay the cost of the virtual receptionist.

    4 Better time management

Having a high call volume can be very time-consuming. If one call takes five minutes, imagine taking twenty in a day. This also adds stress to your workplace and puts you through a lot of stress. Particularly if you have a small business, this can be an added burden. In situations like these, you want to be productive and cater to your customers. How do you do both? You hire a virtual receptionist!

    5 Depicts an official image of your brand

A virtual receptionist is trained to stay calm and professional even in the most panicked situations. They maintain the integrity of your brand, no matter how bad the customer sounds. They will answer your calls with empathy every time. This alone makes your brand presentable, legit, and customer-friendly.  Regardless you have numerous lines of products; virtual receptionists are trained to handle complex call structures.

  1. Cost-effective

After hearing all these benefits of a virtual receptionist, you might now be thinking that it is heavy on your pocket. You might be thinking about the cost of the virtual receptionist. Therefore, let us break the myth for you – a virtual receptionist is not expensive. Compared to hiring an employee and paying them for a 9-5 job, a virtual receptionist is much cheaper. Here is a list of things for which you do not have to pay a virtual receptionist:

  • Training
  • Health benefits
  • Vacation/sick time
  • Space and equipment
  • Monthly allowance
  • Employments taxes


A virtual reception can help your business grow at whatever rate you desire because your customer service can always handle it. Moreover, they help you build a long-term relationship with your clients, which will eventually aid in the growth of your business. They are cost-effective and a great way to maintain your business.