7 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Be Popular in 2022


Home renovations are always great ideas, but some are better than others. Most renovations should be done with the future in mind, and when you’re looking to renovate your home, 2022 should be on your mind.

Your home in 2022 could look dramatically different than it does now, and these seven renovation ideas will be at the top of everyone’s list then.

1) Bathroom Upgrades

Small changes, like these easy upgrades to a bathroom, are also likely to be popular with homeowners. For example, adding a new countertop and fresh paint will give your bathroom a shiny new look—and these changes cost less than you might think.

Updating your bathtub or shower area is another effective but inexpensive way to make your space feel more modern; even switching out soap dishes and towel bars can work wonders for sprucing up your home. If you are interested in home designs head over to Carlisle Homes.

2) Small Kitchen Remodels

As new trends emerge, consumers will gravitate toward efficiency and luxury. Remodels focused on making kitchens feel brighter, larger and more spacious will become increasingly popular as homeowners try to make their homes more efficient.

3) Staircase Remodel

Do you have an outdated staircase or are they just looking old and dreary? It might be time to revamp your staircases. While it might seem like a big project, it can really be as simple as replacing your rugs and adding some new lighting fixtures.

Staircase remodels aren’t always necessary, but they are one of those projects that people won’t mind dropping some cash on to improve their home’s functionality and aesthetics. If you’re thinking about doing a staircase remodel, here are some ideas for inspiration

4) Garage Additions

Considering that garages are no longer used for parking cars and garage door openers are now found inside your car, why not turn that space into an office or game room? A garage addition gives you an opportunity to make a space without compromising its original purpose.

Garage additions can also be a great way to add square footage to your home while still keeping your living areas open and airy. If you plan on remodeling in 5–10 years, keep space on one side of your garage clean so you can easily reconfigure it at a later date. Currently trending designs include adding covered porches for outdoor seating and building two-story spaces with lofted bedrooms.

5) Flooring Update

A flooring update was one of those renovation ideas that just seem to make sense because it can refresh any space quickly and easily. Floors are the first thing people see when they walk into a room, so many homeowners have started to refresh their floors with new styles of carpet or floorboards, such as hybrid floors.

More than that, adding an area rug or re-carpeting a wall are easy ways to update your home’s style without all of those home renovation headaches. By investing in hybrid flooring, homeowners can enjoy an improved aesthetic and feel good about their purchase for years to come. This durable and affordable product is resistant to wear and tear, making it a smart long-term investment for your home.

6) Kitchens on a Budget

Overpriced kitchen renovations continue to be a drain on our wallets, so investing in a renovation that saves money on construction is at least worth considering. The DIY movement has brought some budget-friendly kitchen design ideas to light—most notably, kitchen islands made from old dining room tables and bar stools.

As long as you stay away from luxury and modern design choices like quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, there’s no reason you can’t get a new look for a fraction of what full-service renovations cost. Note: Some homeowners have reported that pre-owned surfaces scratched or discolored their granite countertops, so just make sure you take good care of your new materials.

7) Living Room Redesigns

Today’s living rooms tend to be multipurpose spaces that can do everything from serving as a man cave or woman’s retreat to hosting parties and providing a place for people to relax. When you think about your living room, is it multipurpose? Are there certain areas of your space that you spend more time than others?

If so, try planning some small changes around these hot spots by getting rid of unnecessary furniture and rearranging items that are already there. One way to make it easier on yourself is by choosing flexible furniture pieces like ottomans, bean bags and sectional sofas with moveable pieces. To find out more about second storey extensions be sure to visit Supa Group.