Grow Your Instagram Audience with these 7 Ways


Want to increase your Instagram reach? Or Increase your Instagram audience?

As we all know Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms, with a huge user base. It is a great platform for brands to market their products and business.

Today, marketers cannot afford to ignore this social media giant, as it helps them boost their business. They always use different strategies to involve Instagram’s presence. Whether by showing feed using an Instagram widget or campaign promotion, they never miss out on using Instagram as their marketing strategy. Instagram has always helped them to achieve new heights.

With millions of user’s daily posting millions of content, it becomes a little difficult to attract the audience’s attention to your post. Sometimes, the Instagram algorithm does not work in the favor, and you fail to reach your intended audience.

Here are some awesome tips that will help you to gather an audience for your Instagram.

1. Schedule your content

It is important to keep your feed fresh and active so your account gets a better reach. Because the Instagram algorithm reduces the account’s reach if you don’t post regularly, but there is a catch, it can irritate your followers and unfollow if you post more than need. Hence you should keep in mind that you don’t overwhelm your followers with your continuous posts.

So, plan your posts, make a calendar and schedule your posts accordingly. Keep track of the calendar and schedules publish the right content at the best time. Take advantage of public holidays, festivals, and celebrations.

Create the post according to the occasion; make it relevant to the recent happenings.

2. Embed Feed on your website

In this era of the internet, marketing has reached new levels, and businesses are always looking for unique ways to market their products or business. Cross-promotion has emerged as one of the most effective way to increase the brand awareness and enhance the audience.

You can utilize the same strategy and embed your Instagram feed on your website. Instagram widget tools offer you the facility to collect all the feed related to your business from your Instagram and display them on your website. The visitor visiting your website will get a sneak into your Instagram presence and will start following you if he likes your content.

It provides many other benefits like; it makes your website engaging, it helps the visitor with social media proof about your products, and many others. You can divert your website audience on your Instagram strengthen your social media presence.

3. Hashtags – The super savior

Hashtags can make a huge impact on the reach of your post; using appropriate and right amount hashtags can help your content reach the target audience and helps you to get some recognition.

Hashtags helps your content get categorized under one umbrella, and when user searches for the content related to your brands, you will be visible to him. So, provide hashtags to your content and increase the social media visibility of your business.

If you find it hard to find appropriate hashtags for your brand, visit the pages of businesses of the same industry, and scroll through their posts. You will get some idea about the hashtags and get to know about trending hashtags and hashtags to help your business grow.

4. Use Influencer market

In recent times, there is a sudden rise in influencer marketing. It means to collaborate with influencers and take their help to promote your business. Influencers refer to famous and known personalities with huge social media followings.

Instagram has big influencers as its users, and they have millions of followers. You can collaborate with them like; you can make them the face of your brand, make them your brand ambassador, or organize an Instagram live with them.

Influencers bring a huge fan following along wih them; hence it provides you the opportunity to attract their audience and increase your Instagram audience for your posts and contents.

5. Use content features of Instagram

Instagram is the king of visual medium platforms. It started as a photo-sharing app but has now evolved as a huge social media giant. It provides many facilities that you use to display your content. Here are the feature and how you can use it:

Image Sharing: Instagram started as image sharing app, and hence it is the basic feature provided by Instagram to its users. You can post your product images or show customers’ pictures with your product as social proof.

Short Videos: You can use Instagram’s short videos to give a little brief about your products or provide a little sneak into your behind-the-scenes, as people like to watch behind-the-scenes actions. The short video is precise and straight to the point and hence provides a good reach.

IGTV: IGTV are longer format videos. You can use these videos to give a detailed description of your products. Or provide a story about your product or brand. People like to hear the story or idea behind any product.

Reels: Instagram Reels are the recent addition to Instagram. These are bite-sized videos that are generally under the 30-second mark. These videos draw a lot of traction, and people find them entertaining and engaging.

Instagram stories: Instagram stories remain for 24-hours on the feed. One of the best features of Instagram stories is that it remains on the top of the feed of your followers and hence attracts a lot of attention.

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6. Be original

People always prefer original and authentic content over the same old repetitive ones. The original content draws more attention as people feel curious about the post. And as people provide more views and likes on your content. The Instagram algorithm gives a push to the content and helps you to get a better reach.

7. Keep updating your profile

With such a user base and such competition on the platform, it becomes important for you to stay ahead of the crowd. Profile updates often help you to gather more audience. You change your display picture according to the occasion or present your display picture as one of your products. You can even pin Instagram stories on your account wall. These measures will help you to gain more recognition and helps to increase your Instagram audience.


It is not easy to win an audience on Instagram as their already hundred and thousands of people posting the same kind of content as yours. But can still gather the crowd by smartly using Instagram and making some social media strategies. You cannot miss out on using Instagram for the growth of your business.