6 Useful Tips on How to Prepare for FE Exam


Fundamentals of Engineering or FE exam is the first step to kickstart your career and become a licensed engineer or PE. This competitive computer-based exam is especially for undergraduates and students who will graduate with an engineering degree. These computer-based exams take place at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers.

Passing the FE exam is important to kickstart your engineering career since it is critical and mandatory before taking up the Principles and Practice of Engineering licensing exam.

Many students say that the FE exam is more challenging than the PE exam; it becomes really important to prepare vigorously for FE exams right away.

All you need to know about the FE exams

  1. The FE exam consists of 110 questions and goes on for 6 hours.
  2. You need to register for this exam by logging on to your MyNCEES account and following all the instructions.
  3. It is mandatory to review all the exam specifications, fees, requirements, read the reference study material, and understanding the marking schemes.
  4. You can specialize in seven different streams with the help of FE exam. These disciplines include Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, and miscellaneous.
  5. These FE CBT contain alternative item types (other than traditional MCQs).
  6. FE Exam results are announced after 7-10 days of taking up the exam.

To help you study stress-free and manage the study time, here are a few tips to help you get started and pass the FE exams with outstanding marks.

Tip 1: Get a copy of your FE Reference Handbook

The FE reference handbook provided by NCEES is the only recommended study material to use during the examination. This book is available on the NCEES website for free. It is recommended to go through this handbook 2 to 3 times before attending the exam to learn the topics.

Tip 2: Read all the exam requirements and specifications

Don’t be the one who realizes everything at the end moment. Read all the exam day requirements, including the time, documents needed, and make sure to carry a calculator. DO not forget to read the exam specifications and marking before beginning your exam.

Tip 3: Analyze which area you need help

There are many diagnostic exams available on the FE review manual. These tests will help you determine your knowledge on various topics. You can take up these tests before studying to know which subjects you should focus on or after completing the topic to know if you are ready to go ahead with other topics.

Tip 4: Do not skip!

It is important to note that NCEES has reduced the number of subjects and at the same time made everything optional. Skipping the not-so-important topics is not the best option while preparing for your exam. It is now mandatory to study all the topics, i.e., you should study each and everything given in the NCEES study material.

Tip 5: Study everything in and out

Have all the topics at your fingertips. Make sure to solve all the numerical questions given in the study material. Solve all the sums with the help of the calculator, read the solution, and make sure your equations, figures, and tables match with the answers given in the material.

Tip 6: Solve as many practice papers as possible

You have less than three minutes to solve a question during the exam. It would be best if you practiced so that you can recall all the solutions during the exam. The best way of doing this is by solving any number of practice papers available on the internet and in the review book. Working on practice papers will help you recall the solutions during the exam and, at the same time, build your confidence.

Tip 7: Attend FE preparation course

Another best way to prepare for the FE exam is to register yourself for an FE course. These courses are beneficial and offer tuition on various subjects required for clearing the FE exams. Institutions providing these courses prepare, practice, and take all the initiatives to ensure students clear these computer-based tests with good marks and reach greater heights.

Tip: Make sure you do not schedule your exam preparations during any holiday or festive season. It becomes tough to concentrate during the holiday session. It is recommended to start preparing four months before the examination date to score excellent marks.

Start preparing for your FE exams, and these tips on preparing for the FE exam will help you ace your test.

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