6 Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra


It’s a belief that the first athletic bra got introduced in the year 1977 since then there is an observation that the sale of sports bras increased in the market. With women stepping into athletic and sports a need for a good sports bra also arose.

With work on the existing bra types and changing times the limits for the types of sports bras increased. Now, women get a huge range of sports bras to choose from.

With limitless options, although we get a variety of sports bras to choose from but at times it can be a bit confusing too. So to make the task easy for you and reduce confusion let us guide you to choose the right sports bra for you with these few tips and tricks.

With these tricks, you will be able to choose the right workout wears that suits you and satisfy for your workout needs. Most importantly keeps you comfortable and in shape while performing heavy exercises, sports, or athletics.

Comfort is something that makes you perform well in sports and shape is something that maintains the femininity in you. Both aspects are essentials for a woman in general.

6 tricks for choosing a perfect sports bra to change your workout game:

  • Knowing Your Workout Intensity: Before buying anything to wear you should know what is the need for you to buy that specific garment. There should be a purpose behind every purchase. In this case, knowing the intensity of your workout you will be able to choose the perfect sports bra for you easily. There are three sports bra types in general for the type of support you want depending on your workout intensity: low impact, medium impact, or high impact sports bra.

All these three sports bra types have their definite purpose. Low impact sports bras are for minimal stretching, body movements, yoga, etc. Medium impact sports bras are for comforting women based on different body structures and cup sizes. High impact sports bras are for high-intensity workouts.

This type is to give maximum support for heavy workouts. You can wear the low and medium-impact sports bras in daily wear as well. But the high-impact is specifically designed for heavy workouts and bulky breasts women or plus size women. From these three types, everyone can get something or the other according to their body type and need.

  • Choosing the Sports Bra that will fit you right: We all agree to the fact that everyone does not have the same body type. So, need for a sports bra that fits your body is necessary. Knowing the purpose of the sports bra for you now the fit is a factor that will keep you relaxed while performing any work. Choose something that fits you. Fit is all about knowing your cup size, straps’ elasticity and length, and the band area. Measure all these areas of your body and choose the one that fits you. Nowadays, several online apps also help you in finding your perfect size with the help of their e-quizzes. Comfort should never compromise while choosing intimate wear as it plays a vital role in shaping our bodies. Fit is something that makes you look confident and an enhanced version of yourself.
  • Personalizing your perfect sports bra: Since now you know the purpose and fit of your sports bras let us see these features that will help your sports bra give a personalized touch. Personalizing involves various things like the strap type you want, the closure you desire of and the cups according to the support needed. All these aspects make your sports bra convenient according to your need giving it a personalized touch.
  • Quality of the sports bra: As we all know that sports bras do more than a regular bra for us whether it be support or comfort. We suggest that you choose high-quality material sports bras. A material that is of breathable fabric providing the necessary aeration as well as the resistivity against the regular sweat and stretches of daily exercises and workouts. High-quality material will stay longer as well. Quality wears may cost you comparatively more but you should make one good purchase than purchasing low quality and cheaper sports bra every next month. Saving your time as well money. A good purchase will cost once a year but a low purchase will require purchase every month.
  • Have at least 3 sports bras: Having a minimum of 3 sports bras keep you sorted for the whole week. This way you can rotate them on alternate days. Ensuring the wear and tear of the sports bra. As well, it will make you feel enthusiastic about working out throughout the week. New clothes daily or a change in the cloth pattern motivate people to come out of their comfort zones and stretch a bit more says, a healthcare expert. Something like the law of attraction!
  • Keeping a timely check on the quality of your sports bra: However good quality your sports bra is, it too needs a change every year or maybe twice a year. Depending on the use of the sports bra and the intensity of your workout you should change it frequently. Every garment tends to wear and tear after a certain time. Seeing the signs of wear and tear even slightly you should choose to change it.

These were the few tips and tricks that you must follow to help you choose the perfect sports bra for you. This way you will not only be comfortable in daily workout wear but also motivated to work out regularly.

Keep the right fitting of sports bra in mind wherever purchasing because the right size does matter when there is a selection of a sports bra. Right fit adds a lot to the right shape of the body. After all, all the sweat and hard work are for getting into the right shape when working out.