5 Web Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Site Running Smooth


People are looking for you!

Not in a creepy stalker-type way, but there are people out there looking for your website. Is it easy to find? Is it up to date?

If you have a business without a website, or with an outdated or glitchy site that needs some web maintenance then you are losing out. You’re missing an essential step in connecting with people who are searching for you.

If you have noticed a lack of web traffic or if you need to build a website, then keep reading. We have five tricks to keep your website front and center and make sure the right people come to you!

  1. Keep Up With the Joneses

This is the one time where you want to keep up with your “neighbors”. You don’t want people coming to your site only to find an outdated look and old information.

This means that you need to manage a website continuously, adding the latest information and research. You will also need to update the look of your site as the world of web design evolves and keep your social media on point as well. Blog posts, how-to guides, and videos are all effective marketing tools so make use of as many platforms as you are able.

  1. Easy Does It

It doesn’t matter how good your site looks if no one can find it! Make sure that your website is easy to find by optimizing it to appeal to your audience.

Furthermore, make sure that the links to each page are easy to locate and easy to use. If you’ve ever struggled to find a page or specific information on a site then you’ll know that the easiest thing is just to click away and go elsewhere. That’s not what we want for our visitors.

  1. A Good Makeover

Everything is better with a fresh makeover – your website is no different. If your website is poorly designed, many customers will assume that your product or service is the same.

If you want to increase traffic on your website that translates into sales and feel you need some guidance, check out this website. The right colors, the right theme, and everything in between can all be handled by these professionals.

  1. Community

With all the information and opinions out there, people are more likely to gravitate towards something that they connect with. By offering a place for people to leave comments and have active discussions you will automatically draw a crowd.

People will be more likely to return to a place where they feel seen and heard so take part in these discussions and interact with your customers. This offers a sense of community, and you will earn their loyalty.

  1. Error!

Nothing makes us leave a website faster than clicking a link and being greeted with a 404-error. This means that the linked page is missing, and for whatever reason, it is no longer accessible from your page.

Any error code on your website will be bad for business. Check your links regularly so that customers and potential customers do not have to experience this frustration.

Web Maintenance Basics 

If you maintain a website and ensure you’re managing these basics, then you’re bound to see an increase in sales. Web maintenance is part and parcel of a successful business and should not be forgotten about.

If you enjoyed these simple web maintenance tricks, look around our blog for other articles that you might find just as interesting.

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