5 Tips For Choosing a Tissue Paper


Your life would be messy without tissue paper as we depend on it for almost all the cleaning and wiping. But do you know not all tissue papers are created the same? The price of tissue paper does not always indicate high-quality paper, and you should consult experts to find the tissue paper which meets your needs. Good tissue is important for your health and the environment. These tissue-selection tips might help you choose the appropriate product from the store.

Your Tissue Should Be Free from Chlorine

Manufacturers tend to use chlorine to whiten the tissue paper, but the tissue papers might contain chlorine residues. The tissue manufacturer will indicate if the tissue has chlorine residues, and it is better to opt for the chlorine-free tissue as it is good for the environment. Chlorine can cause air and water pollution, and it is better to choose tissue brands whitened without chlorination.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Tissue Although tissue is a by-product of felling trees, you may go for brands that don’t fall trees specifically for tissue manufacturing. Thus, recycled tissue is better as it uses waste paper that would otherwise rot. Such tissue saves the environment, and for a better world, it is better to go green.

Choose Soft Tissue with More Plies

A good tissue offers more plies which ensure you don’t waste the whole roll trying to clean a surface. A tissue with more layers is economical as you need a few pieces to complete the work.

It Should Be Free From Irritating Fibers

Your tissue should be made completely from wood, and you should avoid synthetic tissue with irritating fibers. Irritating fibers may be unhealthy for a woman as it touches the sensitive private areas leading to reactions such as bacterial or fungus overgrowth, which is harmful to your health.

The Tissue Should Tear and Disintegrate In the Bowl Easily

A tissue paper that is hard to tear will leave you frustrated every time you want to use it; thus, your tissue should be easy to tear. You can save time when the tissues tear easily, and it becomes handy when young children want to use it without supervision.

After use, the tissue should disintegrate quickly in the bowl, preventing plumbing problems. Your tissue paper should never clog the drainage as it would increase the plumbing costs.

Buying tissue paper from the store seems like a simple task, but you should be considerate when buying your tissue. First, it should be environmentally friendly and easy to tear and disintegrate once dumped into the toilet bowl. Your tissue should be chlorine-free as chlorine leads to air and water pollution. Good luck finding the tissue which meets your needs.