5 Reasons Your Business Needs Branded Merchandise


Did you know it takes 5-7 impressions before your customers begin to recognize and remember your brand? This can chew up serious time in your sales funnel. Fortunately, there’s a way you can speed up your impressions count and accelerate that loyal relationship. By using custom merchandise, you can shape your brand identity, boost brand awareness, and gain that valuable brand recognition you deserve in no time.

Wondering how branded merchandise can have this powerful impact on your company? Follow along to discover the top 5 reasons you need custom merchandise today.

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing is an expensive yet unavoidable part of business. With advertising and online presence chewing up a solid chunk of your business, custom merchandise is the perfect way to take your efforts offline for a reasonable price. By investing a small amount in t-shirts, pens, or even hats, you’ll gain significantly more exposure without paying for each impression. Beyond this, investing in quality branded merchandise ensures your brand will continue to gain exposure for years to come.

2. Builds Brand Awareness

As we mentioned above, branded merch is a fantastic way to build brand awareness, but the best part of this brand awareness is that it’s done in a subtle and genuine way. Rather than following your customer online with ‘big brother’s watching you’ advertisements, you can gain valuable exposure without the pushy impression. Once your t-shirt makes it into your customer’s wardrobe, it stands the chance to be seen not only by the customer over and over but also by anyone they encounter while wearing it – which leads us to the next benefit.

3. Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Reps

Today’s consumers look to their peers more than ever before. Rather than following the first ad or result on Google, customers want recommendations from those they trust. Fortunately, branded apparel does just this. By giving your loyal customers a piece of custom merchandise to rep, they become a spokesperson for your business, subtly recommending you to anyone who sees your logo on their back. What’s more, is that by using a logo creator online, you can design a high-impact logo that is sure to stick with those new customers even longer!

4. Relationship Building Tool

Trying to close a big deal? Company merchandise is the perfect tool for the job. By sending your custom merchandise as a gift to potential buyers and loyal customers, you’ll contribute to a positive brand identity that helps you create a more personal bond with your audience. Not only will they appreciate the thought and effort you put in, human psychology tells us that receiving a gift makes us feel obligated to return the favor. In this case, that ‘return’ would be supporting your brand!

5. Increased Employee Morale

Last but certainly not least, company merchandise is not only great for your customers but employees too! By suiting your employees up with branded merch, you raise their feeling of commitment and dedication to the company. This goes a long way to encourage employee buy-in and hard-working team members!

Custom Merchandise for Success

From forming your brand identity to boosting brand recognition, there’s no reason to put it off any longer. Pick up your custom merchandise today and start experiencing the benefits for yourself. Want to learn more about boosting brand awareness? Check out our other articles to discover all the marketing tips and tricks you need to succeed in the year ahead.