5 Reasons for Choosing Concrete Flooring


When you look for reasons to opt for concrete flooring, we believe that there’s only one necessary, it’s easy to maintain. Aside from that, concrete flooring is among 5 cheaper options that save money and make your home or business look outstanding.

Let’s discuss concrete flooring cost-effectiveness, durability, aesthetics, maintenance, and cleaning. Read on to know how it’s different from other flooring types, and what are the benefits of concrete flooring.

1. Concrete is cost effective

Depending on the state you’re in, the cost of different flooring can vary. For example, epoxy floors, Minnesota cost about $6.5 per square foot, while hardwood flooring costs approximately $8 per square foot.

In other states, the epoxy coated concrete flooring cost ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot, and this is just the basic design, so it’s a pretty cheap solution if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

There are other cheaper solutions like linoleum sheets that cost approximately $4 per square foot, but the concrete is much more reliable than linoleum. Tile installation can cost more than $15 per square foot, so concrete is definitely cheaper.

2. Concrete flooring is durable

When you think about concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is firm. Yes, it is firm, and it is strong, and we have it everywhere because of that. When you drop something on concrete, there won’t be a dent or a tear.

Unlike hardwood flooring that easily gets damaged once something heavier falls on it, concrete flooring can withstand larger impacts. An enormous advantage of epoxy coated concrete is that it’s virtually impossible to damage it by spilling something on it.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean this type of floor. You should definitely clean it regularly. But, if you spill a chemical on a hardwood, linoleum, or laminate floor it’s going to be damaged.

When you spill something on concrete, you needn’t worry, just clean it with a wet mop, or neutralize it with another chemical agent. Another likely situation is that concrete flooring outlasts everything else in the house.

3. Epoxy coated concrete can be beautiful

Various carpenters make a good deal of woodwork with epoxy, and it looks stunning. This is what your concrete Melbourne page can look like. When you sweep the floor, it shines, and it’s amazing in terms of aesthetics.

You can do many things to the concrete before you put epoxy on it. You can put different objects inside the concrete, you can color it, you can add many details. Basically, it’s one large surface that you can customize however you’d like.

4. Concrete maintenance is easy

The most widespread use of epoxy coated concrete flooring is in different warehouses or factories. So, mainly it’s businesses that have some manufacturing or industry processes in place on that type of flooring.

The main reason for this is the concrete’s durability, but also its easy maintenance. Why wouldn’t you want it at home? It’s cheaper, it’s easy to maintain, it can be beautiful, and it’s extremely durable.

5. Concrete is easy to clean

This is a very important point. Polished concrete is very easy to clean, you don’t need special cleaners. You can use a vacuum cleaner, a wet mop, or even a garden hose. All you have to do afterwards is use ammonia to disinfect the entire surface.

Sanitation is important now more than it ever was because of the situation in the world. So, concrete flooring is smooth, you don’t have small holes or cracks in it. The chances for something falling in between are severely reduced because there’s no between.

Concrete Flooring Disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of concrete flooring, so you need to take these into consideration before settling on a concrete floor permanently. Two main disadvantages are:

  • Coldness: Let’s face it, concrete can be quite cold sometimes, and that’s why some people avoid using it as flooring, but this is also easily adjustable, and you can even install floor heating.
  • Hardness: Some people don’t like the floor being hard on their feet. That’s why it’s important to take this into consideration before deciding to install an epoxy coated concrete floor.


The main five reasons for choosing concrete flooring are that concrete is cost effective, it’s easy to maintain it, it’s extremely durable, it’s easy to clean, and it can be beautiful like any other flooring type.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So, if you use the solution for it being cold, and you put some rugs to soften it up a little, a concrete floor might be just right for you.