5 Mistakes with Boot Shopping and How to Avoid Them


As many as 90 percent of women have at least one pair of shoes that are agony to wear. Although, when you consider that 60 percent of women don’t even know their correct shoe size, this is hardly surprising. But sizing errors aren’t the only kind of mistakes with boot shopping that people make.

There are many different factors that can determine your success or failure when buying boots. So how can you avoid making these boot-buying errors? Let’s take a look!

Thinking That All Boots Fit the Same

Different types of boots don’t always fit the same, while you might need to size up or down when buying different popular boot brands. For example, you might find you need a bigger size in knee-high boots than you do in flat ankle boots. Or, that boots made in Europe come up smaller on you than US-made boots.

If you’re buying online, make sure to check any online customer reviews to find out how true to size the boots you’re considering are.

Trying On Boots in the Morning

Trying before you buy is the best way to make sure the boots are comfortable. But the time of day you try the boots on makes a big difference. The heat, walking, and long periods of sitting all make your feet swell throughout the day. Trying on new boots in the afternoon will make it easier to find a fit that accommodates this natural swelling.

Not Considering Your Wardrobe Options

You might love those chunky red combat boots. But do you have anything to wear them with? Often we make impulse purchases without considering whether these new items fit our personal style. Although there’s nothing wrong with branching out and experimenting, make sure to go for boots that combine well with the colors and styles that you reach for time and time again.

Being Too Budget-Conscious

Comparing boot prices is all part of the shopping process. But remember not to be too budget-conscious. Although price isn’t always a guaranteed marker of quality, cheap boots are unlikely to be as comfortable or last as long as an expensive pair of well-made boots.

Overlooking Practicalities

Another big mistake people make when buying boots is ignoring how practical the boots are for their lifestyle and where they live. For example, suede boots look great but often need a lot of TLC to keep them in good condition. And stiletto boots might not be a wise choice if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain.

Mistakes With Boot Shopping to Avoid

No doubt you’ve made at least one of these mistakes with boot shopping before. But, with our advice to guide you, you can be sure that errors like trying on boots in the morning or splashing out on boots that don’t match your personal style won’t happen again! Want more news updates and helpful advice?

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