5 Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants for Your Landscaping Design


Did you know that plants can reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mood? Besides improving air quality, plants also improve your productivity. So many of us dream of having a garden but unfortunately don’t have the time to maintain it.

Some plants require careful watering schedules and even certain types of water. However, that also means that there are also low maintenance plants on the other end of the spectrum. These plants will help you fulfill your landscaping ideas and complete your home.

Read more to discover five low maintenance outdoor plants to add to your landscape.

How to Choose Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

When choosing plants to grow, there are some factors you need to consider. The following are some characteristics of low maintenance plants.

  • Easy to grow
  • Resistant to diseases
  • Thrives in many types of soil
  • Have low water needs
  • Don’t need fertilizing

Luckily, we’ve compiled this list to help you find plants that fit all these criteria! Here are the best low maintenance outdoor plants for starters.

  1. Ajuga

If you are looking for low maintenance outdoor plants that are easy to propagate, ajuga is your best bet. Ajugas have the look of lavenders- but with way less maintenance! They come in varieties of purple and white, perfect for every home design.

Ajuga plants need little care and can sustain themselves with normal rainfall. These plants fill areas quickly, making them perfect for an empty landscape.

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  1. Barberry

This shrub is well known for its deer resistance. Barberry has thorn stems that when used in fences, increase home security.

Once grown, barberry creates a beautiful dense shrub that is sure to add ambiance. This shrub is drought resistant, so don’t worry about forgetting to water it now and then!

  1. Euphorbia

We’re not talking about the show here, but this is definitely a show stopper! Euphorbia is a timeless shrub that’s drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. This remains as one of the best low maintenance plants around due to its double flowers and density.

Euphorbia plant care is simple. All they need is light and a little moisture. Once grown, Euphorbias are self-sufficient and actually die with more care!

  1. Firefly Achillea

A summer garden staple, firefly achillea is in several home magazines. These three-foot-high flowers are a beautiful addition to any landscape garden.

Firefly Achillea blossoms all year round and looks best in full sun. Cleaning up in spring or fall, but their fallen flowers look beautiful on your landscape.

  1. Sunflowers

Looking for a low maintenance outdoor plant that doubles as an indoor plant? Try sunflowers!

This impossible to kill flower doubles as an indoor plant. This low maintenance outdoor potted plant is a perfect centerpiece! Brighten your loved ones’ day with not only one sunflower but an entire row.

Start Landscaping Today

Busy schedules shouldn’t be an excuse not to have plants! Green thumb or not, these tips are a sure way to have a lush landscape fast.

Now that you know about these low maintenance outdoor plants, see more plant recommendations. Need more plant info? Check out our other blog posts for more tips and have the best landscaping design in town!