5 Keys to Renting a Kid-Friendly Apartment


It’s a very daunting task to find a kid-friendly apartment. Renting with kids is even more difficult. During the hunt for finding a kid, friendly apartment parents often look for a home with two or more than two bedrooms. The safety of the apartment, amenities as well as good neighbours, matter the most.

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Some of the notable tips are as follows:-

#1. Proximity

Choosing an apartment that is closer to libraries and parks is a wise choice, but be assured that you go regularly visit these places before committing since children often visit such sites. Kids often visit the Park with their families to have fun and play. If you are living in Nashville then many budget apartments on rent are available near parks. You can choose Studio apartments Nashville to 3 bedroom apartments as per your requirements.

How close school is to your home geographical distance is also an essential factor. Since your apartment is far from the distance of your kid’s school, it would become a significant burden to travel to school for both parent and child. So it is suggested to keep in mind such factors.

Moreover, it would also increase your transportation cost. It would help if you chose your apartment accordingly.

#2. Good Neighbours

Having a group of kids similar to your child’s age in an apartment is a great thing. Having a bunch of friends would make your child happy. It would also teach them means of social interaction. Moreover, increase their communication skills.

You should make sure that your neighborhood is safe and secure since the security of your children matters the most.

#3. Restrictions

When you are searching for a suitable place to keep on rent, you should make sure to have a brief interaction with the landlord. Since many times, the restrictions and rules built up by the landlord become very difficult to follow by children. You should scope out all the potential problems as well as complexes to avoid any inconvenience.

#4. Railings and Balconies

You should make sure whether all the bannisters and railings of your house are safe and score. It doesn’t wobble after you tug on them. Ensure that the railing walls are high enough so that it doesn’t invite any risk when your kids are playing around.

Moreover, low windows can also invite hazardous situations. Keep in mind to keep your windows locked. If the lock has broken, make sure to tell your landlord to repair it. Hardwood and narrow stairs could be dangerous for your toddlers when they climb. It would help if you looked for carpeted stairs that constitute a secure roll runner to keep your child out of risk.

#5. Amenities

Amenities for kids are quite different in comparison to adults. If it’s a busy street, then having a fenced in yard would be ideal and suitable. If your apartment constitutes a pool, you should make sure that the swimming pool isn’t that big and it’s safe and secure for your child. Fenced in courtyards tops the preference of the parents since it’s very safe.


While you are preparing to rent a kid-friendly apartment, the first and foremost point is to organize your finances properly. Get all the information on a prior basis, such as security deposits and monthly rent, so that you can decide accordingly.

You might be having a budget based on your preference and your expenditure. But it might not match your calculations, so you should calculate your annual spending and income to avoid any problem.

You can also try renting a calculator which uses your exact location, annual income, as well as several other factors for other estimations regarding the amount of rent that would suit you and the budget of your family.

During setting, your rental budget makes sure to keep into consideration the cost of all your utilities. Since some of the landlords pay some of it and some pay all the costs related to utility. And other additional expenses such as maintenance costs etc.

Keeping in mind such different factors, things would take place in a more organized way.