4 smart tips to buy curtains for your house


Just like investing a lot of money on the house furniture and coloring of the walls, you need to think about some other value changes too. Most of the time, people ignore it, but you cannot miss out on the value of curtains.

Not just for your privacy reasons, but selecting the best and well-crafted curtain can enhance the look of your place too. So, in the end, you get the opportunity to improve the aesthetic value of your house.

So, you have to invest some research time on the various types of curtains available and their features as well. Based on that, you can select the right one for your house. Moreover, based on the room, the types of curtains will change.

No matter whatever the choice is, now you can purchase the right curtains by following 4 simple yet smart tips.

1. The valuable use of curtains to get rid of sound:

Sometimes, you don’t want outside noise to disturb your peace inside the home. Thanks to soundproof curtains, now you get the chance to block all kinds of unwanted noise, no matter where it is coming from.

  • These are also known as acoustic drapes or noise-blocking curtains.
  • The soundproof structures of these curtains are perfectly designed to absorb sound and enclose the room, separating it from any kind of outside noise.
  • You can see the use of these curtains in bars, recording studios, restaurants, bedrooms, and even those rooms, which are facing busy city streets.

If you own commercial spaces or want some privacy in your apartment buildings, these acoustic curtains are the ones to look for. Don’t worry, as reputed online stores have so many options and colorful versions waiting for you.

2. Now for the fabric and colors:

The fabric forms a crucial part of the entire step of choosing the right curtains. The material you will choose will dictate how the curtains will function and if they will hold up against time.

  • If the curtains are way too heavy, they might not fold crisply whenever drawn. On the other hand, if it is too light, they will not fall well.
  • So, there has to be a perfect combination of weight, followed by the color choices and fabric materials. It should pleat well with an accordion at the top and then let it drape.

Always try to work with big samples while choosing curtains. The bigger versions are important if you have large classic windows for your old homes. Moreover, sunlight will fade the fabric colors with time. So, choose the color of the curtain based on how much light the room gets.

3. The lining and length:

Before taking the tape measure out, decide how high you want the curtains to be from your windows. Hanging the panels higher than the window will offer a sense of height.

  • Most of the time, designers will hang the curtains around 6 inches above the window frame. For some dramatic looks, you can go a bit higher.
  • Be sure to measure from the window’s top to the floor. In case for a traditional look, with a curtain puddled on the floor, you might want to add another 2to 3 inches to the length.

Whenever trying to measure the window’s width, always add 4 to 8 inches on every side and double that total number for the right fullness of the curtain. It will prevent you from blocking the majority of window glass whenever the curtains remain open.

4. Customized window treatments to follow:

Custom window treatments will offer various benefits. You get the chance to customize the dimension to window sizes and create a tailored look. Check-in with the custom panels, which are now available in endless designs.

Right from the header style to material, you have loads of options over here. With such options by your side, you have to deal with price differences from those of the off-the-shelf curtain options.

Check out the points:

Don’t forget to check out these 4 simplistic points, and in the end, you will get the best curtain for your home. Enrich the look of the interiors with the best curtain selection over here. Research well and check out the stores before investing money in one.