3 Ways Payroll Financing Helps With Short-Term Small Business Loans


Starting a small business is freeing and fulfilling…until you’re in over your head. Costs pile up as orders slow down. You stop enjoying your work, employees bail, and your beloved company tanks.

Yikes! It’s a horrific scenario to imagine, but small business failures in that vein happen all the time.

The good news is short-term small business loans can serve as a safety net when you’re in a tight spot. Borrowing them is easy if you have clients: You can use invoices as collateral.

Keep reading to learn how to make payroll financing problems evaporate with short-term business loans.

  1. Payroll Financing Keeps Your Business Running

When you can’t pay your employees, business stops. If you’re waiting on a client to pay you so you can use that money for essentials like payroll, you can’t take on other clients. Once you stop fulfilling orders, your current patrons will head to your competitors.

Workers won’t labor for nothing—in fact, that’s illegal in the United States even if they want to volunteer.

Unless your product is simple and you have one or two employees, you can’t do everything alone. On top of that, you can’t pay yourself if you don’t have enough money! You’ll have to shut down.

Having options for small business loans, such as a business credit line, will allow you to continue your business as usual and avoid any negative impacts.

  1. Short-Term Small Business Loans Retain Employees

While some workers understand and have requisite savings to hang on until you can hand out paychecks, many others don’t have that option. They have families to feed and bills to pay with their wages.

If you can’t pay your workers for an extended period, you’ll have to dismiss or furlough them. Even if they’re dedicated partners and love what they do, some could quit because they can’t afford to wait. Once they’re gone and take different jobs, your chances of getting them back are slim to none.

  1. Short-Term Loans Can Help Avoid Tax Issues

Using a short-term business loan can help you avoid tax problems. If business has been lean and you can’t fork over what the IRS wants, you could be in big trouble.

Borrowing money to cover the cost is your best bet in such a tight position. While borrowers most often use short-term small business loans for payroll funding, it’s alright to use them for other emergency company expenses. Lenders understand that those lacking money for payroll tend to be short on taxes, utilities, rent, and other things businesses can’t do without.

Depending on the lender’s terms, you may incur interest on the balance. The IRS also charges interest on the tax debt, so compare rates to see which is more favorable.

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