3 characteristics of modern British couture everyone interested in fashion needs to know


Modern British couture is a specific type of style and aesthetic that is widely used in society today. Unlike haute couture, which is only reserved for the elite who have an unlimited amount of wealth, modern British couture is an upscale style that is produced by numerous designer brands in today’s fashion world.

With designers focusing on the main couture characteristics, such as quirky designs, unique dresses, monogram logos, monochrome colors, and exquisite tailoring, some designers are more suited for creating modern British culture clothing than others. Let’s see three characteristics of UK couture and the best designers to buy from to achieve this style.

Attributes of modern British couture that you MUST know

For those who want to wear British couture, try looking into Stella McCartney dresses, Burberry monochrome outfits, and Alexander McQueen clothing items, sunglasses, bags, and shoes.

Quirky designs and eye-catching dresses

One of the main characteristics of modern British couture is the wow factor associated with the clothes. Instead of traditional or simple dresses and patterns, British designers are now using out-of-the-box ideas to create unique pieces that are suitable for runway or streetwear.

One of the most influential designers when it comes to British couture today is McCartney, a designer who is known for creating head-turning dresses. After being the Creative Director at Chloe, McCartney has grown into a full-blown professional that is known for her tailored style and red carpet dresses.

Monogram logos and monochrome colors

The second style of British couture in modern days is the inclusion of logos and monochrome colors. Although bright colors used to be all the rage in past summer seasons, monochrome colors in various hues, whether it be dark navy, salmon, light pink, or teal, are the go-to fashion staple for going to the office or going for a drink.

One designer who practices this new couture trend is Burberry, one of Britains’ oldest labels that were created back in 1870. Known for their classic trench coats and check patterns, Burberry changed their aesthetic when Christopher Bailey took the reins back in 2001 – steering the designer in a couture direction.

With this youthful person in charge, Burberry has been a staple in producing their monogrammed logo, checked prints, and monochrome colors.

Exquisite tailoring

The third characteristic of modern British couture is exquisite and personalized tailoring. By having custom-made clothes that contain professional tailoring, your clothes will always fit perfectly and in a flattering manner.

One designer who is known for their high-quality cuts and fits is Alexander McQueen. McQueen came to prominence while working as a tailor, eventually being discovered by Isabella Bow, falling in love with his unique styles and high level of craftsmanship. McQueen eventually launched his own label, creating numerous clothing items and styles that could be associated with influencing Modern British couture.


As you can see, modern British couture is a timeless style and aesthetic that is characterised by high levels of craftsmanship, monochrome colors, monogram logos, and interesting patterns that are non-traditional