2022 CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Dumps

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam

The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam or the v1.0 exam is considered to be an 8-hour long hands-on test. Here, the candidates need to plan, design, deploy, operate, and then optimize the dual-stack solutions under IPv4 and IPv6 for the complex forms of enterprise networks. Reliable centers like SPOTO present updated and latest Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam questions for the candidates to study. These documents and solutions will help them to pass the lab exams faster. You will pass the exam right on your first attempt by using the practice tests from the same center.

Such exams will cost you around 1600 USD, and as mentioned, it is going to be a hands-on test for 8 hours. The validity period of this exam will be for 3 years, after which you need to recertify for keeping the module alive. If you fail to do so, the chances are high that your old certificates will get dismissed, and you need to prepare and sit for the written and lab exams all over again!

Get on with the job opportunities and the salary count:

As per some of the current statistics and surveys reports, the annual salaries of individuals with the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate will be as high as $212 500. It will be as low as $42,000.

  • Most of the CCIE salaries will range right between $125,000, which is 25%, to $173,500 at around 75%, with some of the top earners making as much as $193,500 or 90% annually all across the USA.
  • On average, the pay range for a CCIE will vary greatly. It will be as much as $48,500.
  • All these points clearly suggest that there are multiple opportunities for advancement and also to increase the pay, depending on locations, skill levels, and years of working experience.
  • There are various job titles you are likely to hold once you have passed the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam with flying colors. Those are CCIE Engineer, CCIE Architect, Network Engineer CCIE, CCIE Cisco, and CCIE Cloud.

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Infrastructure to follow:

Cisco had come up with some changes in the CCIE and CCNP certification exams last on February 24th, 2020. So, now to get the proper certification, the candidates need to take the same core exam, and when they pass, they can always proceed to take the exam for focus area or concentration.

  • CCIE candidates who are likely to choose ways to concentrate on CCEI enterprise infrastructure must pass the CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab exam to procure their badge.
  • The CCIE enterprise lab test, which is going to be a hands-on lab exam, will cover enterprise networks design, operation, deployment, and optimization. So, it is considered to be one of the toughest exams at the Cisco Enterprise level.

Benefits once you pass the CCIE EI lab exam:

Preparing for the CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab exam will always demand much of your time and effort. But, everything will get compensated whenever you are starting to reap the fruits of labor once you are able to get the certification. Some of the benefits that come your way after passing the exam will be:

  • Proper job security by your side
  • High-end promotion to catch up on your sides
  • Get the much-awaited international recognition
  • Higher salary in every job module you go for

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