10 Reasons A Neck Roll Pillow Will Be Your New Favorite Purchase


People always purchase things that they think could bring them some level of comfort. While other times, people just purchase things due to impulse. Things that are purchased for comfort reasons are more likely to be used, and one of the most underrated comfort purchases is a neck roll pillow.

A neck roll pillow, also known as a cervical pillow or a bolster pillow, refers to a pillow that’s narrow, long, and typically filled with cotton. It’s usually designed to provide comfort and support to the neck, but could also be used for one’s back. For anyone, not just comfort buyers, a neck roll pillow grows to become something that they never thought they needed. The following are some reasons why a neck roll pillow will be your new favorite purchase:

  1. Aids In Resting Posture And Neck Positioning

Sometimes, when you’re sleeping, resting, or lying down, you may only feel comfortable in a specific position. Some people struggle with body positioning and neck posture when they’re resting. They often find themselves twisting and turning, or resting in positions that affect the neck or the spine. Maintaining a healthy resting posture helps your spine align well and ensures that all the bits and pieces in your spine maintain their usual, neutral positions.

When one uses a neck roll pillow during rest, they’re likely to prevent pain-causing agitation in their muscles, discs, or nerves. If you have good resting posture, ideal neck positioning, and reduced pain as a result of this, you’re likely to experience better sleep and you’re putting less pressure on your spine, back, and neck. Therefore, if you’re struggling with body discomfort during your resting periods, a neck roll pillow could be your new favorite purchase.

  1. Gives You The Opportunity To Enjoy Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillows

There are many different types of pillow fillings that one could use when purchasing any type of pillow. If you choose to use a neck roll pillow, you could make use of buckwheat hulls as a filling. Buckwheat hulls in neck roll pillows are relatively good for the neck and back. Buckwheat hulls are quite popular in Asia, and the rest of the world has adopted them as one of the best pillow fillings in today’s world.

Buckwheat hulls don’t compress under pressure the way that the usual pillow fillings do. They tend to move and shift. A buckwheat neck roll pillow is supportive and could assist in eliminating stress and pressure in the neck and back areas.

Some buckwheat neck roll pillows are adjustable, which makes them all the more accommodating. You could remove or add buckwheat hulls by unzipping the pillow. This allows you to adjust the thickness of the neck roll pillow to your liking.

This pillow is also very breathable. The irregular shape of the buckwheat hulls allows for the creation of airspace within your pillow. There are numerous benefits associated with buckwheat neck roll pillows, and this could be the reason why neck roll pillows could be your new favorite purchase.

  1. Could Be Used As Bed Pillow

Despite the name ‘neck roll pillow,’ this pillow isn’t just limited to the neck as it could provide many other places of the body with comfort if positioned well. Many people favor using a neck roll pillow as a bed pillow because of its unique cylindrical shape. This shape allows for great positioning and extended comfort for various parts of the body.

Neck roll pillows have small dimensions compared to the traditional bed pillows. For this reason, back sleepers and people who are small in stature find neck roll pillows to be ideal as bed pillows. The extension of comfort that lies in owning a neck roll pillow reveals itself here because of how multifaceted it is in terms of usage.

  1. Extra Support Or More Loft

Some people like to rest or sleep with numerous pillows on the bed. They like to have one under the back, one between their legs, two under their heads, and so on. For many people, even after placing so many pillows on their beds in hopes of achieving better comfort, they’d still feel uncomfortable. Neck roll pillows could be an easy way to achieve the right level of extra support.

You could place your neck roll pillow under your existing bed pillow, or inside the pillow case of your existing bed pillow. Not only may you be able to experience extra support or better comfort, but you may also be granted with better posture as you sleep. Some people require a little loft when they sleep because of the shape of their necks, and because comfort varies from person to person.

Good support or extra loft could be the solution to all the various neck problems or body discomfort you may be going through. If you have a good-quality, substantial pillow on your bed that’s providing you with extra support, things like reading, meditating, and watching movies could be more enjoyable.

  1. May Provide Underarm Support For Side Sleepers

Everybody has a unique sleeping position. Some people can’t sleep on their stomachs at all, while others can’t imagine sleeping on anything but their stomach. Sleeping or resting positions vary from person to person. One of the best pillows for side sleepers is a neck roll pillow. Neck roll pillows could help provide you with good under arm support if you’re a side sleeper.

A side sleeper is a person who finds more comfort and peace resting or sleeping on their side. With pregnant women, in particular, they’re usually advised to sleep on their side. For some women who haven’t previously slept on their side, this may be difficult to adapt to. Neck roll pillows make it slightly easier for them to sleep on their side and prevent them from rolling onto their stomach.

Furthermore, some people just require underarm support when they sleep or rest. Sometimes, the continuous strain on one’s arm due to vigorous movement during rest could be damaging. Neck roll pillows could help ensure that you maintain good positioning during sleep and you’re not put at risk due to vigorous movements that you make. Therefore, if you have arm issues or intense arm movements at night, or are a side-sleeper, a neck roll pillow may be your new favorite purchase.

  1. May Be Used As An Orthopedic Pillow

Orthopedics involves any condition associated with the musculoskeletal system. There are many ways to care for the body’s musculoskeletal system and ensure good orthopedic care.

Neck rolls pillows are considered to be relatively orthopedic. They’re also cylindrical, and this assists in correcting pain-causing or uncomfortable body postures. Having poor body posture could be bad for your musculoskeletal system, and if you ignore the continued discomfort associated with your resting posture, you may allow for more damage to occur within your body.

Neck roll pillows also work well for neck and head support. All the bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles associated with the neck and head could remain at ease and in good positioning when you use a neck pillow.

Orthopedic pillows help improve one’s sleeping ability because of the extended amount of comfort they provide. They assist in cradling the neck and keeping the head in a neutral position. On the one hand, regular pillows tend to elevate the neck, which could lead to stiff neck and many other issues.

  1. May Be Used As A Travel Pillow

Some people travel once every five years, while others travel every week. Whether you’re in a car, plane, or boat, a good level of pressure and discomfort could be experienced by your neck or back. Using a neck roll pillow as a travel pillow could allow you to have a better travel experience and better posture before and after you travel. It’s smaller in size than a traditional bed pillow, but its size and shape are designed to fit comfortably at the back of your neck and allow you to experience minimal discomfort.

Using a neck roll pillow as a travel pillow is also ideal because it’s easy to carry. It doesn’t weigh a lot and doesn’t squash everything in your bag due to its size, the way that your traditional pillow does. Neck pillows are best used and experienced when you sleep on your side or your back. They could also help keep your neck warm if you’re traveling in cold conditions.

Constant travel could cause heavy strain on your posture and damage to your body. However, if you take precaution and make use of a neck roll pillow, you may be less at risk of discomfort when you travel.

  1. May Be Used As A Yoga Bolster

Some people really enjoy going to yoga. They enjoy the numerous stretches, the peacefulness within the yoga studio, the fitness associated with it, or the way it makes them feel. Yoga is different for everyone, however, it’s not uncommon for people who engage with yoga to experience discomfort in the neck, back, and knee areas. When one does yoga, they have to be careful with their body and ensure they’re going the extra mile to make their experience better.

One way of going the extra mile to reduce body discomfort is through using a neck pillow as a yoga bolster. It’s a dense pillow that assists in supporting various parts of the body. Yoga bolsters vary in size, but if you’re using a neck roll pillow as a yoga bolster, it’s relatively smaller and has better fitting. There may be a lot of strain on the body when one changes from pose to pose during yoga, but neck roll pillows may help with easing this strain.

  1. May Be Used As An Arm Rest

There are people who enter rooms and immediately look for chairs with good arm rests. However, the truth is that not every chair has a good arm rest. Some people sit and work in front of their laptops, and eventually realize that their arms are being strained and are experiencing high levels of pain. A neck roll pillow could be used as an arm rest.

A good arm rest could help you have less pressure on your arms and reduce the amount of stress on your shoulder muscles. The pain associated with excessive use of your arms is usually caused by a buildup of muscle tension, and neck roll pillows can assist in reducing this tension. Arm rests may also promote good posture. Therefore, the next time you pull all-nighter writing your essay, grab a neck roll pillow and use it as an arm rest.

  1. Could Help Provide Warmth

You may find it somewhat annoying that your neck is always cold and uncomfortable during winter. Neck roll pillows are said to be best experienced during the winter season because of the warmth and comfort they create. Instead of wearing a scarf in your room while you study or work, you could be warm and have added comfort while you work when you use a neck roll pillow. A cold neck could get stiff quite easily and could cause discomfort for you.

Neck roll pillows with memory foam are best for creating warmth around the neck in cold settings. Furthermore, you could use neck roll pillows to create warmth around your stomach area when you have menstrual pains. Menstrual pains may be eased by applying heat. The cylindrical shape of the neck roll pillow helps with obtaining the right positioning, and the memory foam could help create warmth that could further assist in easing menstrual pains.

Get Yourself A Neck Roll Pillow

Next time you’re thinking about whether you can sleep well your a chosen mattress and whether it’s the reason for your pain, think about your pillow as well. Neck roll pillows might grow to become your next best purchase, and, now, you may already know why people may come to such a decision. There’s so much more to neck roll pillows beyond their look and the comfort they can offer.

The ball is now in your court. With the help of this article, hopefully, you can now decide whether or not a neck roll pillow will be your new favorite purchase.