10 Best Alternative Career Options for Teachers


Teaching is a fulfilling job. You contribute to the development of young individuals and help them become productive members of society.

While teaching is important in society, it may not offer some of the aspects you are looking for in a career. Whether it’s the low pay or the highly structured environment, you may be interested in pursuing an alternative related to teaching.

10 Best Career Alternatives

Luckily, there are ways to combine your love of teaching with the things you find important in life. Structure your schedule as you please of find a more financially rewarding teaching-related career by applying your creativity.

1. Administrator

As a school principal or other administrator, you can make a difference in students’ lives from a different perspective. Implementing policy and helping guide the teaching staff is great for those with organizational and leadership skills.

On top of that, if one of the reasons you were considering a teachers’ career in the first place is because you enjoy working with students, though you do not enjoy teaching that much, becoming an administrator in a school or a university could be the perfect option for an alternative career.

2. Consultant

As an educational consultant, you work with school districts in helping them navigate the constantly changing school environment. With a salary that exceeds $64,000, a consultant can make a good living while affecting students’ lives in a positive way.

For those of you who are very much into technology and the digitally advancing world, working as an educational consultant can be really exciting. This is because, in this role, you will also be responsible for integrating smart technological solutions into the classrooms.

3. Child Psychologist

Whether helping students maximize their potential or helping them overcome a learning disorder, child psychologists are on the front line. On the basis of your specialization, you can shift your focus to learning disabilities and help students overcome anxiety.

However, have it in mind that in order to shift your career from a teacher to a child psychologist, you will need proper education and certification in that field. You can always improve your knowledge by taking multiple online courses, however, to provide services as a psychologist, you will need more than that.

4. Homeschooling Consultant

Homeschooling is a rising trend and the opportunities for a career in the space are plentiful. Work with individual students or small groups under the umbrella of a consulting company or create your own business. Keep in mind that you’ll be needing a master’s degree or a Ph.D.

5. School Textbook Author

If you love writing and would like the opportunity to affect students’ lives, authoring textbooks is a compelling option. It allows you to work outside the classroom and conduct research for the books that end up in front of students nationwide.

However, it is also very common for teachers to write school textbooks as well. It is a challenging choice because you would have to deal with longer working hours, though it would help increase your income. On top of that, it would also improve your authority and excellence as an accomplished teacher.

6. Guidance Counselor

A guidance counselor is someone that students put their trust in. It’s the person that a teacher or administrator will send a student to when the latter is experiencing challenges.

During the hard times of the worldwide pandemic, more and more students are facing emotional, motivational, and educational challenges. The whole educational system has shifted so much these past two years that not every person was able to adapt. And this is where a guidance counsellor can come to the rescue and help struggling students get back on track.

7. Camp Director

If you revel in the outdoors, becoming a camp director is ideal for you. You’ll need a bachelor’s or a master’s degree for the job. Room and board will probably be covered, making your salary a bit more appealing.

However, if you need a degree or not, might depend on the type of the camp. For example, if you had experience with summer camps when you were a teenager and had a chance to take the role of a group manager in a camp, it may be easier for you to get a job in a summer camp and grow your career into becoming a camp director.

8. Online Content Creator

If you love being an educator but also want your independence from tight schedules, the internet is your friend. Building a podcast, blog, or teaching website can be very profitable while retaining all the fulfillment of a classroom job.

9. Recruiter

Colleges, universities, and private schools count on recruiters for the student selection process. Becoming a recruiter for a school gives you the option of moving to the business sector if you choose to in the future.

Though working as a recruiter in a college or university has its own challenges. You have to have it in mind that a student’s education directly depends on the qualification of the person that you will choose to hire. Because of this reason, the recruitment process may be a bit longer than in some other companies.

10. Online Tutor

The tutors give one-on-one training to their students. If you would like to contribute to people’s education while keeping your schedule open, tutoring may be a great side hustle.

On the other hand, learning new skills online and improving the skills that people already have is more popular than it ever was. This change in the market happened because of a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s much safer to learn new skills online during the pandemic and second, it saves time and is more convenient. To start your first tutor job online, sign up for a platform such as Preply.

Set Your Career Path

If you’re pursuing a career in education, it’s important to realize that there are other jobs for teachers. Keep your options open and build your life journey according to your wants and needs. For more information, you can always reach out to places like EducationDegree.com.